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lauenos Samonios!

by | 10/31/2011 15:40 PM

While child sleeps and demon creeps
Let druid keep silent watch;
Something escapes from Annwn...

A very happy Hallowe'en from Total War Heaven staff!

You can read all about TWH's resident Ancient Briton's theory on the origin of this festival here.

Total War: Pacman

by | 10/30/2011 12:52 PM

Every year on Halloween, weird forum skins pop up at random all over HG. This year, TWH has been hit by an extra festive invasion of Pacman ghosts. Enjoy while it lasts!

TWH spies report new lands waiting to be conquered!

by | 10/19/2011 12:41 PM

After due extensive deliberation on the part of Total War Heaven staff (okay no, actually it was more of a spur of the moment thing), it has been decided that the mighty Total War Heaven community must move in search of new realms to conquer. Scanning the internet-cosmos for stray rebel provinces which we might have overlooked, our spies discovered an entire faction which we had not hitherto recognised - the Kingdom of Social-Networking.

As such, it has been decided to launch a two-pronged attack on this rival empire. We are deploying two full stacks in their territory, and we are confident that victory will soon be ours!

So what are you waiting for, soldier?! Grab your pilum/sarissa/battleaxe/[insert weapon of choice here], and head over to our brand new facebook page and twitter account to keep up to date with this grand campaign!

Name Change Day

by | 10/18/2011 1:20 AM

Halloween is considered the by many to be a day when spirits come forth to wreak havoc upon the living. To deter them, we send our children forth in scary costumes to frighten the demons and devilspawn away, and to show the spirits we fear them not. For this the children are rewarded with treats.

In this vein of this magical night, we offer thee a chance to assume thy own costume and for this, receive a treat. Thy costume shall be the screen name thou does desire, the treat being you get to keep it.

Register thy name and desired new screen name this registration thread before All Hallows Eve ends and Samhain commences, and shortly thereafter thy desired name shall become reality.

Sepia Joust V- Voting Begins

by | 10/2/2011 4:25 AM

The arena was silent, except for the overpowering explosion of laughter erupting from the grandstands and the occasional pitter-patter of hands and feet slapping the bleachers as people fell down and rolled onto the pitch.

The Fifth Sepia Joust is completed. There were many who were vocal about entering, yet in the end, there stood but two who had the courage and heart to stand against each other, quills couched under their arms, and ink held high to ward off evil thoughts.

Now it is decision time. Here is where you- those rolling off the bleachers and trying desperately to catch your breath after belching out gales of laughter- decide whose quill will shatter, and whose will emerge victorious in this battle of jokes and quips.

You may receive your recommended daily allowance of good cheer by reading these two fine tales in the Submissions Scroll. Thou may praise and discuss the matter in the Discussion Scroll. And of course, we request you vote in the Voting Scroll that we may crown a champion before the Ides of November.

Voting shall end on or shartly after the Kalends, so please (picture a Viking on his knees... Then promptly erase that sacriligious and heinous vision and have him stand above you with an axe in hand) Vote!