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Sepia Joust VII Voting ends Tomorrow

by | 10/20/2013 4:40 AM

The Sepia Joust draws to a close. This iteration had two worthy contestants spinning wonderful tales of what could have been, or maybe was. Historical fiction is the genre. You may read their tales here, and cast your vote upon the Voting scroll.

Comments and the like are welcomed upon the Discussion Scroll.

Sepia Joust VII- Voting Now Open

by | 10/3/2013 7:30 AM

Hail! The Sepia Joust VII- The Way It Never Was (Historical Fiction) has closed its scroll for submissions and opened that for Voting.

As normal, we invite thee to visit and peruse the scribblings on the Submissions Scroll, then cast thy vote upon the Voting Scroll. As normal, we request that thy vote and thy vote only be present upon the Voting Scroll (explanations, reasoning, and the like ar eindeed considered part of the vote).

All other excretions and scribblings thou does wish to leave, such as praise and commentary, are more than welcomed upon the Discussion Scroll.

October Poll Up

by | 10/1/2013 7:20 AM

So, it has been a month after Rome II: Total War was released. Many here have doubtless spent hours upon hours conquering and pillaging. Thus it is time to hand in a report: what has been thy favorite faction so far?

Take our poll and tlet thy voice be heard.