Saxons Gameplay Information


Saxons were a large Germanic tribe in the Roman days. They eventually emigrated to the British Isles, invading the native Britons and establishing a foothold that many people can still trace their ancestry to today.

Overall Unit Summary:

Very strong infantry, but nearly no cavalry to choose from.

Campaign Objectives

Hold 18 settlements, including: Tribus, Saxones, Britannia Superior and Belgica

Initial Campaign Cities:

Vicus Saxones



Trainable Units:

Note that these units represent what can be trained if the needed buildings are present. Peasants, Levy Spearmen, Chosen Axemen, Saxon Keel, Saxon Hearth Troops, Hunters, Saxon Sea Raiders, Mounted Nobles, Warlord

Constructible Buildings:

Note that these buildings chains are not all that influence the ability to construct them. Population and existing buildings and religion are also a factor.
Warrior's HoldWarlord's HoldHigh King's HallGreat HallCastrum
Woodan PalisadeWooden WallStone Wall
Muster fieldMeeting HallHall of HeroesHundredmen HallPalatine Barracks
 StablesWarlord's StablesRoyal StablesGreat King's Stables
 Practice RangeArchery Range
TraderMarketGreat MarketGuildhall
 BlacksmithArmourer Foundry
 SesspitCesspoolOpen SewerLarge Open Sewer
Land ClearanceCommunal FarmingCrop Rotation
 TavernBardic Circle
Shrine to DonarSacred Grove of DonarSacred Circle of Donar
Shrine to UllSacred Grove of UllSacred Circle of Ull
Shrine to WotanSacred Grove of WotanSacred Circle of Wotan
*This unit is only available when in a horde