These are all of the previews by online publishers of the Barbarian Invasion expansion pack (to the best of our knowledge). In addition to the previews we recommend checking out the official site for the game, temporarily found here. The previews are ordered by the date published with the most recent at the top. Have you seen a preview that's not here? Email us!

GamersHell Preview - General Coverage
September 19, 2005

"Barbarian Invasion is shaping up to be the perfect expansion pack to Rome: Total War. History fans and strategy buffs alike will easily be able to appreciate the endless campaigning possibilities and the amazingly well conceived production. Fans of the original game should definitely look at purchasing Barbarian Invasion once it’s released, but it will also make for a thoroughly decent experience for those general gamers craving some new challenges."

Yahoo Preview - General Coverage
September 19, 2005

"With so much new content, and plenty of improvements to the classic Rome: Total War game, it's sounding like Barbarian Invasion is going to be a must for any fan of the series, The definitive word will have to wait for our full review, in just a few weeks. In the meantime, you'll have to excuse us - the Huns are knocking on the gates of Rome again."

UGO Preview - General Coverage
September 16, 2005

"Playing as the Romans, especially the Western Empire, is much harder than playing the surrounding barbarians keeping the title true to history. After all, the barbarians are invading Rome from all sides. On top of that, Romans start with a culture split in two by religion and half their cities in revolt. This effectively changes the entire game while maintaining the atmosphere and game engine that made the original so great."

GotNext Preview - General Coverage
September 14, 2005

"It is a very strange feeling to move your armies around the world knowing that if cornered you have no city to fall back to and rebuild from. I caution you to be aware of your limits when moving your armies so as not to spread yourself too thin. Diehard Rome: Total War fans will undoubtedly find the Huns offer a wealth of strategic gameplay, but I'll be sticking with a faction that starts off with a city."

GameSpot Preview - General Coverage
September 7, 2005

"The tribal factions in Barbarian Invasion feel a lot more fleshed out than the tribes seen in Rome: Total War, and they have more building and unit options than their predecessors. We suspect this is largely because they're meant to be played on a near-equal footing with the Roman factions, but also because the barbarian tribes themselves were more sophisticated by this time. So in addition to building sacred groves to various pagan gods, you also begin to see Roman concepts such as sanitation creep into the barbarian's technology, allowing the barbarians to build larger cities."

IGN Preview - General Coverage
August 31st, 2005

"After offering up the grandest and most spectacular simulation of ancient warfare in Rome: Total War, Creative Assembly is back with a new expansion. Titled Barbarian Invasion, the new expansion focuses on the final days of the Roman Empire letting players take on either the role of roaming barbarian raiders or the defenders of Rome and Constantinople."

GameSpy Preview - General Coverage
August 31st, 2005

"There are 10 new playable factions (and a handful of non-playable ones making trouble around the map) providing for some interesting options. You can ravage Europe as the Huns (not as easy as it sounds.) Or you can re-enact the Saxon invasion of Britain, the birth of the English culture. As the Franks, you can storm out of Germany to claim France and give the area its name. Nearly every unit in the game is new compared to the original Rome: Total War, including the Roman units."

Gaming Age Preview - General Coverage
July 1, 2005

"Barbarian Invasion will contain a multitude of new features comprising of enough content to fulfil a full PC title release," said Tim Ansell, Managing Director, The Creative Assembly. "CA have always aspired to make games for the fans and we have addressed the feedback from consumers to create the ultimate Rome experience."

HeavenGames Preview - E3 Coverage
June 6, 2005

"Barbarian Invasion is set in the twilight hours of the Roman Empire; the glorious days of Augustus have passed and barbarian tribes encroach on every frontier of the dying superpower. Your job isn't to preserve the flame of Rome like in the original game, it is to snuff it out as one of those 18 (8 campaign playable) tribes. And those tribes operate in a completely different manner as those of the civilized world. They can pack up their entire civilization and become a horde, a huge force of troops taken from the populations of their cities. Horde units range from weak to elite units and bolster an existing barbarian army enough that it becomes a force to be reckoned with."

GameSpy Preview
May 19, 2005

"The new units alter gameplay with their own quirks. Some units are capable of swimming, allowing you to slip across a river to flank the enemy. New Priest units can stop troops from routing. Berserker units really juice things up: once these guys encounter the enemy, there's a chance they'll go berserk. When they start raging like that, the unit is out of your control, and the individual barbarians will rush blindly from one enemy to the next."

GameSpot Preview - E3 2005 Impressions
May 18, 2005

"So what can we expect in Barbarian Invasion? Like the Viking Invasion expansion for Medieval: Total War, Barbarian Invasion depicts a very dark era in human history: the slow collapse of the once-mighty Roman Empire. As a result, the game is set hundreds of years after the main campaign in the original game, and you'll have a whole host of new barbarian tribes and nations to deal with, such as the Ostrogoths. And keep in mind that the Roman Empire had split into two, with the Byzantine Empire setting up in Constantinople. Other additions to the campaign game include 21 new buildings and technologies."