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Topic Subject:Describe Your Campaign
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posted 22 December 2007 13:34 EDT (US)         
It seems like I may or may not be the only fool playing MTWI still. Regardless, I make this thread!

[JPEG, (80.22 KB)]

This was actually quite a thing, I started in the early age, and Byzantium became quite dominant early on. I came into conflict with them, launching crusades taking Greece and the province north of it, along with Kiev and Moldavia.

But then the Egyptians, rescuing (and then destroying) the Turks took all of Asia Minor, and drove into the Balkans and captured Georgia. I allied with the Byzantines and began to hold my provinces against sporadic Egyptian attacks. Luckily, throughout the campaign, Europe has been peaceful (the only war that erupted between Christian nations was England v. France, resulting in half of England becoming French, but it is over now)

I took a well trained, medium sized army from Kiev (remnants of the victorious crusade and a scrapped crusade) over the black sea which my navy established control over for a few turns and began to ransack through Asia Minor, which was depleted of resources (the Egyptians had most of their forces in the Balkans, Georgia, and in Egypt itself) and thus easy to grab.

I took Tripoli, as can be seen, and decided to halt my army. The Egyptian Sultan died a turn later, his young, heir-less son taking over. I proceeded over a few turns to defeated attempts to re-take Tripoli (the Egyptians effort suffered due to a civil war which had erupted during my initial conquest of Tripoli)

The Sultan and a large army (2700 or so men) attacked my army (commanded by my Prince with some 1400 men) in Tripoli, I had a crusade (seen in the picture) on its way to Palestine, at the time, it was in Constantinople.

In the ensuing battle, my army routed the enemy forces, and slew the Sultan and 2000 of his men (I myself leaving 900 on the field, resulting in the army being quite thoroughly depleted)

The victory was immense, but the most amazing effect was the disillusion of the Egyptian Sultanate, their entire empire turning rebel due to a lack of heir (something like this rarely, if ever, could happen) and thus the premier power in the east was removed.

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posted 23 December 2007 21:59 EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Nice work and good story.

I have had a go at Expert campaigns as the Turks and then as the Egyptians(early). I pushed up north, leaving my western front at Egypt against the Almohads. It was a long war against the Turks, Syria a very hard provence to attack from because so many of their regions could launch attacks against it. The economy was already streched to the limit with my offensive armies and could not support another few hundred Numidian Spearman to defend. On the otherhand, I did not have the strength to take Edessa, Rum and Armenia which they had fortified fairly well.

My current game is Expert Byzantine campaign in the High Period. I shortly had to evacuate Georgia, so took Trebizond to enable a land route for those troops to retreat. I badly wanted to jump into Constaninople, but the strong rebel forces did not allow that. Within a few years, that force helped another attack a Hungarian party and I took it with ease.

The French become the mega power in the East, owing the every region and eventually claiming Nicea off me. The Mongols had arrived at that time and I was facing Russia too. I decided I was going to build my army around Bulgarian Brigands and Byz Infantry, so took Bulgaria and eventually the territory further north (wallacharia? cant remember). A strong alliance was Hungary which involved a Princess im fairly sure was entered into as they had many huge armies and could have crushed me. The Brigands worked quite well, and helped defend against the French threat. The French then crushed the huge Mongol forces somehow, but faced rebellion in several provinces, including Nicea which I took back, which undermined their power. Eventually Spain came from the south and battled Russia for control of the East, and thats where I am at so far.

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posted 24 December 2007 16:30 EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Using the XL mod, im playing an easy campaign with the Papal States (although the computer seems to ignore the fact that its easy).

I started out by completely uniting Italy and wiping out the other Italian factions. Then i went after North Africa which the Almohads had, and sent them packing to Spain, which they currently own apart from portucale, which is mine. After that the French decided to get a little rowdy so i taught them a lesson, and took over North England while i was at it, as it was rebel.

At the moment the Byzantines and the Almohads are the real superpowers, and im stuck in a war with the Almohads which with the stupidly low loyalty values (even with full stack and same religion) make it impossible to win probably.

And MTW1 rules and il probably never stop playing it!

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(id: misplacedgeneral)
posted 24 December 2007 18:54 EDT (US)     3 / 3       
The Italian campaign went down the drain, as is common in this wonderful game, the tides turned, quickly. The Germans blitzed my homelands, my royal family got stuck on Naples, and I was excommunicated. My king died, no heirs.

Now I am the Alomohads, hard, as usual.

Early on I destroyed the Spanish, and then the Aroganese. With all of Iberia in my hands, I was more than able to support two massive armies (made up of their Urban militia and Muwahid infantry) to protect my north, a massive building program, and a massive naval armament.

Two Crusades, one from the French, the other from the Germans, are launched, both stall in French territory, unable to make headway against my experienced and ably led armies.

A lightning attack using my superior navy hurled the Papacy out of Rome, which I now hold. The advantage of a dominant navy is an army can be assembled and launched within two turns.

I finally decide, as the two Crusading armies more or less disappear, to attack the French. Another army is recruited, and launched against Brittany, my two armies on the Pyrenees simply move forward. The way is paved by Islamic Alims who spread the word of the Prophet.

My three armies take their provinces without fighting. But the next turn, my weakest, least well led, and least experienced army is assaulted by the King of France himself, and roughly 3000 men (against my 1200 or so men)

The battle is massive, the enemy launches four massive attacks, my cavalry advantage minimized early as my general is left fighting by himself, all his body guard and other cavalrymen having been slain or driven off the field. The enemy has a massive missile superiority.

That is the third assault, as you can see, my army was quite depleted, and the archers were menacing my army throughout the battle. I discovered the only way to overcome them was to rush my general at them, engaging them in melee combat long enough for my infantry to reach them. Regardless of this, it was difficult with enemy heavy infantry still on the field. The valor of my men was enough, though, to end with a victory.

As you can see, every unit is commanded by a named captain, one of the reasons why I still play MTW after all these years.

[JPEG, (81.36 KB)]

Despite being a victory, I found it necessary to abandon the province, which was not in revolt.

"It's not true. Some have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends and noodle salad. Just no one in this car. But, a lot of people, that's their story. Good times, noodle salad. What makes it so hard is not that you had it bad, but that you're that pissed that so many others had it good." Jack Nicholson
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