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Medieval 2 Strategy Discussion
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Topic Subject:ss 6.1 patch problem
posted 12 May 2011 18:46 EDT (US)         
sorry for opening many topics simultaneously,but this is important.i played as the mongols and i was about the turn 137 if remember correctly,and when push the button to advance to the next turn the game stops and a window opens tell me that medieval suffered an unexpected error or sth like that.i restart my computer many times ,but still the same.then i tried to load another campaign and then happened the same.i only could load ''continue campaign'' game.i also tried to load a game from the campaign map menu but the same window appeared again.i started a new game and the turns advanced normaly,but i couldn't wait until turn 137.also i had another problem:i couldn't recruit the greek firethrowers in my byzantine campaign,and i couldn't recruit the mongol heavy lancers (cavalry/dismounted).i couldn't find them anywhere even in large cities and citadels,even by using codes,nothing.

then i decided to reinstall the patch. i download it from the links here .when i opened the game the main menu music wasn't ''the last of the mohicans'' theme.but the one that was in the mtw 2 menu.apart from that i play asa the mongols,and the voices of my characters are spanish or sth like that.the khwarezmians talk like english ant the cumans like the scots! on the contrary the english characters talk like the mongols and their princesses don't least in this installation i can recruit the mongol heavy lancers (i don't know about the firethrowers,cause haven't played as the byzantines yet).please help!!!

p.s.@ the moderators: if you put this topic in the correct session of the forum,send me the link on my e mail or in the topics i oppened previously.anyway inform me

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