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Topic Subject:City Defense
posted 13 August 2011 23:29 EDT (US)         
I have a question about leaving garrisons to defend the cities.

Let's say I'm playing Brutii.

After I capture Appolonia, I create two Town Watch units in both Tarentum and Croton, and I move my military units there to my main army in Appolonia and then it north to Selona. After I take Selona, I leave two Town Watch there and take my army back to Appolonia. While taking my reduced units back to italy to be retrained, I create some more units in Italy. With the Army rejoined I then go to take Thermon, and then by boat Sparta. What happens by time my army is approaching Sparta is that some Military units from Macedon come attack Appolonia, whether or not I have an Alliance with them. With only my tow Town Watch units, they easily take it, and then Selona. So then the question is; and this applies to any faction:

When I take my Army from a newly captured city on my frontier, how many units do I leave behind to defend my city from neighboring factions and of what type of units to leave there.

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posted 13 August 2011 23:47 EDT (US)     1 / 4       
Number of units dont really matter. If your units are better than the one besieging you you can leave 2. After leaving that ammount of units start training more so you will ready for anything. Get archers to defend your city too.
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posted 14 August 2011 01:20 EDT (US)     2 / 4       
Well. I say leave the crowd-control to the peasants. And the fight'n to the real bruisers.
Depends if said neighbors have an army close by. Depends on the make-up of said army. For instance: If said army consisted of mostly skirmishers, just match their infantry and ensure you have a cavalry advantage if you are defending walls.
Early detection is the key if you are on a budget.
Watchtowers are always good. Spies are the cherry on top as far as frontiers are concerned.
Another tactic would be to keep a small professional force just big enough to keep the enemy building siege equipment long enough for a general to come by with reinforcements.

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posted 14 August 2011 04:09 EDT (US)     3 / 4       
Sending your entire army away to take Sparta is not a good idea. Town watch are not sufficient to defend your borders. You will need one army to stick around near Apollonia, and another to attack Sparta. Neither has to be a full stack! Just a substantial force. Of course Macedon will attack you if you leave your cities vulnerable, they want those cities don't they? Alliances have (basically) no effect on the AI's behaviour towards you.

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posted 14 August 2011 06:57 EDT (US)     4 / 4       
Well if you are just leaving them on the borders then you'll need quite a strong garrison.

Like Edorix said you shouldn't have sent your force to Sparta if it leaves your towns undefended. Split the force.

I never really garrison border regions, because normally I have an army always moving on tot he next city, then the next, then the next. I leave some peasents and sometimes some leftovers that did not survive a battle(12 people that used to be a unit of mercenary hoplites for example)
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