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Topic Subject:Siege Stories
posted 16 August 2011 17:18 EDT (US)         
I was playing the Sons of Mars prologue campaign for second time in Rome Total War. When I went to siege Tarquinii (I don't remember if that is how it's spelled), I formulated a new siege plan.

I've noticed that when attacking a city, the enemy rarely tries to flank your army while it's outside the city walls, unless the walls are destroyed by artillery fire.

When deploying my forces. I set all my ranged units including the Onages up front. Then I set all my melee infantry behind it with my battering ram in the center of that line, lined up with the city gate. Before the assault, I waited a turn to build a battering ram because I did not want to destroy the city walls, just the gate. I did this to keep the enemy army pent up in the city. In the back I placed my two general units.

At the start of the battle, I moved my whole army forward until my ranged units got within range of the enemy units behind the walls, while keep my other units (especially the battering ram) out of range from the enemy. I used my ranged units to cause chaos within the enemy army behind the wall. I kept up this barrage for a long time, whittling down the enemy army. Finally, the enemy moved away from the walls, just staying out of range from me.

When this happened, I brought my infantry as well as the battering ram up front to destroy the gate, bringing my ranged units right behind for support. When the gate was history, I place my infantry at a line right with in the gate, using the walls behind them to prevent rear flanking. On the other side of the gate I place my generals to provide the morale support to the infantry.

By that time, my ranged units were out of throwing spears and arrows, so they refused to enter city.

With my units in the city, the enemy came at me, and I put my infantry units on guard mode. The enemy cavalry did flank then on the side, but my infantry did not rout, they held the line. What did happen is that enemy general died.

After several other cavalry side-flanked charges which my units withstood, the surviving enemy units retreat into the central plaza. I march my infantry backed up by the generals toward the central plaza. When I was close, I ordered my generals to halt, while I threw my infantry into the enemy infantry waiting on the plaza. With the enemy infantry held up, I then brought my generals around the enemy's flanks had them charge into their rear.

It was a heroic victory, as my army mostly survived, while the enemy was practically obliterated.

The question I have: Was this victory just lucky, or was it because of a well thought out plan?

I want to know other people's siege stories. How they deployed their army, how they broke into the enemy city, how they prevent the enemy from flanking them, and how they achieved victory. I am hoping to learn from other's strategies and successes.

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posted 16 August 2011 21:13 EDT (US)     1 / 2       
I had a pretty good one earlier today online. 2v2 siege battle barbarians vs. romans. I was Brittania my ally was Gaul and we were defendiing Londinium. My ally failed miserably in protecting his breaches and the Brutii urbans poured into the square. My chosens, druids, and head hurlers beat down the julii attackers 5 1st cohorts and a prat cav with archers than went at it on the square and routed the brutii from the town.

EDIT: If playing with rome while defending a city try sticking a repeating ballista at a chokepoint surrounded by by urbans to protect it. Set to fire at will and hilarity will ensue

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posted 16 August 2011 21:34 EDT (US)     2 / 2       
It sounds like a very good strategy, especially the using-all-your-arrows-before-attacking part. Keep in mind, though, that you had vastly superior troops to your enemies.

Here's a thread you might enjoy reading real quick. It is always a good idea to make two breaches (in the wall, on either side of the gate) and send your heavy infantry (spearmen, etc) in one hole to pin the enemy down and your cav/light infantry through the other hole to flank them. Also, your general's body guard is a powerful tool that is very suited to flanking and routing most enemies. When the enemy retreats to the big square, march your infantry slowly towards them and surround them/wipe them out.
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