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Total War Heaven » Forums » Medieval 2: Kingdoms Discussion » New england and france wont die!
Topic Subject:New england and france wont die!
posted 07 June 2012 12:17 EDT (US)         
As the title suggests, im playing as new spain and i was very quick off the mark this time, killed the mayans rapidly and now killing off the aztecs, in turn 73 now. I killed the first english landing in the bottom right of the map, said faction destroyed, but they keep re appearing, sometimes with no family members, just a stack of 3 curassiers, 3 dismounted, 3 muskets and a cannon. Same with france in florida. Destroyed england about 3 times, and france atleast once. Got a message about france being inflight when i took their last settlement and they got a load of armies, like a hoarde! (only 2 to be fair, so nothing i couldnt handle. Just wondering if this will keep happening or what as ive played previously a bit slower and once i killed them i think that was it

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