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Topic Subject:XC 4 1.0 is Released!
posted 19 February 2012 17:33 EDT (US)         
The Extended Cultures team is proud to announce:

Extended Cultures 4 1.0

The result of over 2 years of intense work by our small but motivated team, XC4 started as an XGM sub-mod aimed at increasing variety among non graeco-roman cultures and in time it became a much deeper project aimed at bringing high levels of historical accuracy as well as very advanced coding techniques in order to provide an always challenging, balanced and immersive experience.

What are XC4 main features?

1) An in-depth, dynamic trait system where your FM will make or break your empire

Thanks to an highly optimized and customized version of Suppanut's Ethnic Trait system your generals are now a real part of your kingdom, being influenced by your Faction Leader and the environment where they are stationed.

Properly educating your generals will reap good benefits to your faction, while ignorant or foolish ones will cause greater damage to both order and finances as they rise up the ranks.

2) Historically accurate representation of 275BC

All playable factions in XC are accurately represented in their geo-political assets at game start, allowing you to play with historical leaders or have other famous (and many less known) characters as ancillaries to help (or fight against) you in your path towards greatness.

3) Cutting edge use of RTW feature set

Senate missions, loyalty, emergent factions, hording, religions and many other features all play a role in XC campaign, all integrated in order to maximize historically accurate profiles of all factions as well as providing a challenging environment for the player.

4) Finely tuned economic and battle balance

Rather than facing hordes of enemy stacks or arbitrary high XP bonuses, XC focuses on relatively small but decisive battles and economic warfare.
Balanced armies and developed infrastructure are the way to win a campaign, while all-elite armies although powerful will cripple the finances of all but the biggest empires, making them sub-optimal choices, especially early on.

5) An unique Government and Population System

Each region in XC has its unique population makeup and ethnicities, with different degrees of affinity towards different factions.
As you get further away from your faction core lands it will become increasingly difficult to convert the local population to your faction's culture, requiring a long process of colonization.

Alternatively, you can opt to make conquered lands an allied state which will allow you to recruit native style troops, though at the cost of a more limited degree of control.

6) In-depth Temple System

Each temple is unique in XC, with the same temple tree giving different ancillaries to different factions, as well as many unique temples and oracle sites that will greatly influence your FM development.

7) Fine-tuned battle system

A completely new battle system increases battle realism with longer battles, increased unit specialization, greater influence from battle terrain and optimized factional rosters that will ensure no two factions will fight the same way.

Finally, to celebrate your favorite faction GeoHitmanGR made customized banners that you can freely use:

The banners are also available here:

We hope you enjoyed this announcement and our newest release!

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Bulba Khan
(id: stormer)
posted 27 February 2012 10:35 EDT (US)     1 / 1       
I played this on my old pc and its awesome, i need to fix the other one to run it on full specs.

I feel the same way I did after playing Stronghold 2 for about 15 minutes, like it was my birthday and all my friends had wheeled a giant birthday cake into the room, and I was filled with hopes dreams and desires when suddenly out of the cake pops out not a beautiful buxom maid, but a cranky old hobo that just shanks me then takes $60 dollars out of my pocket and walks away saying "deal, with it".
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