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Topic Subject:How to use chariots to great effect
posted 25 January 2013 23:02 EDT (US)         
Chariots almost always are pulled by a team of two horses hitched to the body of the chariot itself by a cross member. They usually are occupied by two people, the driver or handler of the chariot, and another man to wield weapons and other paraphernalia. The wheels usually have spikes on mounted into them to cause greater damage to enemy infantry, heavy and light. They are not built for the comfort of the men inside or outside of it. While using chariots, you almost never want to send them directly into heavy units, though you can on lighter units. This will cause the chariots to be surrounded so that they can't use their greater mobility, the spikes, or the horses to runs down people, so you've just effectively reduced the chariot team down to that much useless wood and metal. The best tactic to use for chariots is to send the chariots to a point just past and to the side of the unit you are trying to destroy. This will cause your chariots to go around the edges of your enemy or though the weak spots/thin spots, using the spikes and the hooves of the horses to the greatest effect when paired with the mobility of the entire team. Sometimes the enemy will draw your chariot teams into directly engaging, but you must avoid that as much as possible, for reasons explained earlier. Disengage immediately, pull away to a nearby point, then whirl around and attack the enemy that is strung out charging after you, using your speed and chariots to maximum effect.
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