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Topic Subject:On the uses of your general
posted 25 January 2013 23:36 EDT (US)         
In battle, your general is almost always in the back when your formation is set up by the AI (unless he's the only unit you have, and at that point if you're against a sizeable force your generals most likely dead). He's always surrounded by his bodyguard, the supposed best of the best. But he can still die. So you have to protect him while still getting him experience and command. So what do you do? Go for the missile units and artillery!! These units are practically useless against fast moving heavies, and that's what your general's body guard is. Killing these units will get your generals bodyguard unit more experience at less cost, allowing you to risk him in battle more often without the risk of him dying. This is good because at that point you can get his command stars up higher, quicker.

In the city.
If your family member has no management skills, don't put him in a city. It's far easier to get stars than it is to get scrolls. Also, if you want a family member to get scrolls, put him in a city with a school in it (if you're a civilized nation) as soon as possible, with another family member that has a higher number of scrolls. This allows the older one to impart experience upon the younger one. Don't try to start a FM with no scrolls off in a city with no school and no other, more experienced FM. You will probably lose the city to unrest.

The wreath things.
The wreath things signify influence, and how much he has. The higher the number they have, the more influence. Based on personal preference, you can either put these guys near your Capitol to keep things setlled around there, or out in the provinces, for the same reasons.
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