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Topic Subject:Diplomacy
posted 23 May 2005 21:47 EDT (US)         
How do you actually make the AI accept the diplomatic proposals you make? Because no matter how good my offers are, they always reject it.

For example, if me and another faction are at war with a third faction and I propose that we become allies, he rejects it, saying I could not be trusted. If I offer him regions, he'll just say that I have an army ready to take it back. If I offer to attack another faction, they just say that my promise is empty even though it is clearly obvious that I never had a reputation for breaking a promise. If I ask them for military access through their territory, they say they are afraid that I will betray them, because I had betrayed other people in the past--which was not true, it was them who betrayed me. They won't even accept gifts. I offer to attack another faction and ask for nothing in return, and they still say that I will probably not do what I say I will do, even though they are undertaking absolutely no risk.

Another thing that I don't find frustrating, but funny. I was defeating this faction and reduced him to one city, and then he came up to me and said he would offer a ceasefire in return for five cities I took from him and about 5000 denarii. That is just plain wrong; it is the winner who is supposed to be making all the demands.

I think the AI of RTW is just plain crap and seriously needs some work on.

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posted 23 May 2005 22:22 EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Reply to ceasefire ..

Actaully you couter propose something like 1K or 2K per turn for 10 turns no ceading of any lands ...

posted 23 May 2005 22:43 EDT (US)     2 / 2       
LXPeng, I agree with all your points.

I hope CA fixes them in the expansion.

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