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Total War Heaven » Forums » Rome: Total War Discussion » Immersive or not Immersive, that is the question!?
Topic Subject:Immersive or not Immersive, that is the question!?
posted 23 October 2004 20:57 EDT (US)         
I have played the previous Total War games and thought they were quite Immersive from the get go. I have not found this with RTW. It feels more like "a game"!

What do I mean? Well, Victoria - the first voice you hear has an Australian/New Zealand accent! That says 1700-1800 and the New World to me, not the Roman Era in Europe, etc. 2000+ years ago!

Then there's your ship/fleet captain saying "cannot move" at the end of it's range instead of something like "wind has left the sails Sir" or something. Also, the End Turn hourglass, rather than End Year, also the animations of your army crossing the landscape rather than the "planning board" graphics of the previous games.

Most are small things, but in Total War I have got used to perfection being normal! To me, Victoria especially should definitely have had an Italian accent or a neutral accent, not "New Worldish".

Anyway, as we play more of the game, this can be a thread for how Immersive or not Immersive RTW has been for you compared to other Total War titles or generally amongst all strategy games. Whether generally or in specific parts. (Ie. Marrying off daughter to other Kings in previous Total War games, versus how RTW handles it.)

posted 23 October 2004 21:32 EDT (US)     1 / 3       


Also, the End Turn hourglass, rather than End Year

the reason why there isnt a end year is because one turn doesnt equal to 1 year. and what do you mean planning board graphics? the way the put the map is alot better than the other 2 IMO. and as for having princesses units out of the game was because CA had a lot of complaints of alot of units in m:tw so they decided to take the princesses out.

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Queen Honeymuffin II
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posted 23 October 2004 23:15 EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Some of the general's voices sound American, espessialy the guy who yells when you win a battle.

For some reason when I think of Romans I imagine them having English accents, though I don't know why... lol.

posted 24 October 2004 05:47 EDT (US)     3 / 3       
OK so some of the voice acting is dodgy but hell it was just as bad in medieval, and remember the english voiceovers in shogun? *cringe*

that said Shogun had the masterstroke of having the vocals in japanese, yes they probably sounded just as bad and cheesy to a native japanese-speaker, but to me they were awesome

it is true that the sound of this game falls down somewhat when compared to the rest of it, but don't be so ungrateful, I for one am more than happy with the map, graphics, gameplay improvements that have been presented by CA to bitch about the sounds. After completing one campaign I just turned speech off.

Speaking of improvements, Victoria can have whatever accent she wants, the point is she exists, imagine that you'd never played a TW game before, how daunting would it have been to start on this one with no advisors whatsoever?

Lastly, how immersive you find the game depends on your immagination, and pedants are notorious for a lack of such

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