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Topic Subject:Generals or Govenors PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 25 October 2004 17:45 EDT (US)         
ok i have looked all over the forums and i have found that several people suggest that to get more generals you bribe other factions with your diplomats. When i do this it allows me to bribe but all it says is that this town will now become mine and some other things and when i accept it i get the town but i do not see any generals anywhere? what am i doing wrong?


posted 25 October 2004 18:15 EDT (US)     1 / 4       
Bribe people, not the place.

Mr Nice Guy
posted 25 October 2004 18:32 EDT (US)     2 / 4       
In my (limited) experience: Generals (family members) will join your faction if successfully bribed, no matter what faction. If the army is not the same culture as you, the troops will disband.
For example: As Julii, when I bribe any Brutii troops they will all become Julii. When I bribed a Gaul army commanded by a general, I got the general, but his troops disbanded. If I offer a bribe to any non-Roman or Rebel army they will always disband.

And, yes, catch them outside of a city. Bribing a settlement is much more dificult.

Uh, huh?
posted 25 October 2004 19:27 EDT (US)     3 / 4       
you have to pay somthing like 25,000 denii to buy the province but since there may not be any troops there will be a revolt and ou blow a tonne of cash which you could use to recruit brill mercenarys and buildings

Queen Honeymuffin II
(id: Kman)
posted 26 October 2004 17:06 EDT (US)     4 / 4       
Yes it's never a good idea to bribe a city unless you have an army near it. One time I bribed a city for 18,000 and the next turn it revolted and I lost all the money.
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