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Topic Subject:The Campaign Builder
The Senator
posted 26 October 2004 02:48 EDT (US)         
I've heard hype about it, and this is what I think it should be able to do...

-Edit territories
-Edit senate missions

-Choose start point for campaigns, i.e start with a battle before launching the campaign
-Edit faction names and colours
-Edit campaign map, i.e, choose some provinces - say Brittania Inferior and Britannia Superior, and convert them so they become the campaign map. Then paint province borders and define settlemnts.
-Define starting armies
-Define ruling family i.e, invent a faction leader, his wife and sons
-Create new units by specifying hit points etc., choosing frames from an existing unit and specifying special ability.
-Create a faction by using the above functions

(And yes, it is my first post.)

The Senator
"Caesar was a Greek!" -Old man
"Well, he definitely wasn't Roman." -Different old man

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