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Topic Subject:Destroying the Middle East economy
posted 08 March 2007 05:43 EDT (US)         
I'm in the middle of the civil war, playing the Julii with everything north of the Mediterranean, from Spain to Scythia under my control, and now I'm starting to take on the Scipii in the Turkey, Egypt and general Middle East area. There are only a few scattered Brutii settlements here and there - I followed some good forum advice and hit them hard in Greece, resulting in the collapse of their economy and an inability to repair their battered armies. Has anyone got some tips on what cities I should target in the Middle East area to do the same to Scipii? I've got more money than I can spend and have plenty of powerful armies, as do my opponents, but I don't anticipate any particular problems in beating them eventually, I'd just like to do it in the most evil, calculating way possible....
Enkidu of Uruk
(id: thekid951)
posted 08 March 2007 07:04 EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Start blockading as much ports as you can (most important should be Salamis, Tarsus, Antioch, Jerusalem and Alexandrie)

Then, build some armies in Greece, ship them, and siege all of the above cities in one and the same turn with full stacks (the other cities at egyptian coast may also be sieged of course). The following two turns, you should've captured all of these cities. Since these were the biggest money producing cities, you not also will have done big damage to their treasure chest, but you will also be rid of the cities that contain the highest upgraded barracks (for example) + they have nobody anymore to trade with, nor over sea and partially over land. This is how I took on Egypt(Scipii in your case) on my campaigns, and based on my own experiences playing with Egypt(or those regions).

If you can afford, also siege Carthage and Thapsus.

Since the eastern areas are really rich, this is the only way it will go easy : be fastt! blitz attack!

posted 08 March 2007 08:29 EDT (US)     2 / 5       
evil and calculating lol

try working with spy's and assassins with high retinue. use them to take out there leading generals with ease. doing this will turn their army into leaderless brutes.

if you plan on taking the city, have spys with high retinue enter a settlement. Observe the statistic at the bottom of the city card after putting the spy in. It should then say you have ...% chance of your spy's opening the city walls for you if you assault the city. The higher this percent, the more likely you can attack and not need siege weapons. This should save you a turn.

if you don't want the settlement, just want to be evil and have revenge, build up your siege equipment in a siege workshop in one of your advanced settlements. Then decimate and level the city to the ground. Leave the city and move on to the next to repeat the step, leaving the ruined settlement to civil war and rebels

(id: Olondi)
posted 08 March 2007 08:40 EDT (US)     3 / 5       
Take the three cities in the Nile Delta by storm: Alexandria, Thebes and Memphis. They're the real financial strongholds in the Middle East. If you can take them, you've made a huge dent in the Scipii's economy, and given yourself a huge bonus.

Make sure you've got Rhodes for the sea trade bonus, and take Crete, Cyprus, and any other Mediterranean islands you can, including Sicily. Then you can blockade ports and severely restrict Scipii's trade.

Carthage is worth taking if you own Sicily: a good military and trade base for African operations.

Pretty much everything else south of the Med is dust: take it one dune at a time and grind them out.

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posted 08 March 2007 14:03 EDT (US)     4 / 5       
Thanks for those tips! I'm starting to put them into action. I have a Wooden Curtain, for want of a better phrase, of ships creeping forward and clearing the Med, and they're almost within blockading distance of all the eastern ports. Carthage are still in the game and are my noble allies at the moment, for all the good they're doing. Cyprus is the last remaining Egyptian stronghold, but I will take it soon because I'm at war with them; they got in my way on Rhodes and I couldn't extricate my army... it seemed as good a reason as any for feeding yet more people to the crows.

At the moment I've got 17 full stacks, 1 taking care of a Scythian revolt, 6 coming south through Armenia, and 10 in Turkey - I only need half of those to fight though so I'll look at moving the rest to the Nile. Did the Romans have an expression for Blitzkreig?

posted 08 March 2007 15:44 EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Blitzus Kriegius.
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