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Topic Subject:favorite factions
posted 10 April 2007 18:12 EDT (US)         
what is your favorite faction to play as please include why.
Mine is the slucia empire because they have a great mix of every thing my one complaint it takes so long for them to get in to testudo let alone actualy move.
posted 10 April 2007 18:17 EDT (US)     1 / 12       
My favourite faction is Macedonia, I only like these guys because I like the story of Alexander The Great, I like to recreate the Empire he made. Although I cannot play the game because my comp isn't DVDR compatable, I use the Seleucids to recreate it.

"I think the lesson here is: It doesn't matter where you're from, as long as we're all the same religion." - Peter Griffin

Danish Dreams
posted 10 April 2007 19:08 EDT (US)     2 / 12       
Parthia. Persian cavalry and Cataphracts are deadly in combination.
posted 10 April 2007 19:26 EDT (US)     3 / 12       
Britannia, i love the Celts and the Woads, woad warriors, Head Hulers, so barbaric!! i lvoe it! also though i love how these barbarians who seem so uncivilised can master the Chariot also im very patriotic and those people were the forefathers of my country lol
posted 11 April 2007 03:33 EDT (US)     4 / 12       
Definately Carthage, you get so much money, you can expand anyway, once you take numidia, you're in the corner so you don't have to keep looking behind you and if you get far enough by expanding through Spain, Egypt and maybe even Italy you can form a pincer with your armies and crush the remaining barbarians.

Clibanarii-a military unit of heavy armored horsemen similar to the Cataphracti but: If the Cataphracts were an Iron Fist then these were an Iron Fist inside an Iron Glove. With Knuckledusters.
posted 11 April 2007 04:49 EDT (US)     5 / 12       
I think you can guess mine <<<

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posted 11 April 2007 05:04 EDT (US)     6 / 12       
My favourite faction is Macedonia as i totally love the Phalanxes that they have. And also they have powerful Macedonian Cavalry.

A second favourite would be the Britons. Such amazing chariots.

Greeks and Barbarians, what a mix.

posted 11 April 2007 18:53 EDT (US)     7 / 12       
I love Parthia. The Horse Archers are incredibly good at killing massive amounts of enemies it's unreal. A small, weak army with enough HA's can devastate massive Egyptian, Pontic, and Seleucid armies. I've forced armies with 5 times my men to run for the hills or withdraw with just a couple HA's on skirmish duty.
posted 14 April 2007 17:42 EDT (US)     8 / 12       
Bactrians in XGM(extended greek mod)

Good phalanx + Eastern cav and archers (HAs)

Dr Grip
posted 14 April 2007 20:00 EDT (US)     9 / 12       
I like Selucid Empire. They have good phalanxes (not as strong as Macedonian ones but they are still good), cavalry, and elephants. The only bad thing is that they don't have very good archers and skirmishers. But Greek archers are alright I think.

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posted 15 April 2007 01:20 EDT (US)     10 / 12       
Mine is Gauls... (I have only played the Gauls, Britains, All Roman Factions, Egypt)... Gauls seem to have a geographical advantage. The Julli have the two bridges that have access to the northern parts of Europe (So, I can place two small size aremies there and not worry if theyt come with large armies). Also, their location in Spain is very well placed. Surrounded by rivers. And a lot of Gaul has Rivers and good ambush areas all around.
posted 15 April 2007 01:20 EDT (US)     11 / 12       


Bit like...You always remember your first time.

Prior to it I had played only Romans. Was all Equites and PreMarius infantry. Both campaigns felt similar and followed the Julii prologue campaign. I did much research and record keeping in them. Not so much record keeping after that.

So Egypt came as a breath of fresh air and despite different factions since it remains a fond memory.

- Chariot Generals that pawn all. Mobility and missiles, lots of fine control needed, can cut down Roman generals with its wheels with ease.
- Chariot archers that help the general
- Loads of Bowmen and Armour piercing Desert cavalry
- Cool looking units
- Nice easy strategic position in a corner
- First campaign played on VH/VH settings
- Challenging town control of core cities.

I favour the Celts. The troop mix forced more infantry fighting than Id done for a long time. Liked the reaction you guys had to the war story I made.
They are weak compared to many factions in multiplayer so are challenging especially on high money games..which I often loose.

New Roman
posted 15 April 2007 14:32 EDT (US)     12 / 12       
I like the selucid empire because of the selection of units

in BI i like the Franks. I love francisca warriors.

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