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Total War Heaven » Forums » Rome: Total War Discussion » campaing cant seem to get it right , help
Topic Subject:campaing cant seem to get it right , help
posted 13 April 2007 21:37 EDT (US)         
good day fellow forum members
ive been playing rtw for quite a long time and let me be honest, im ashamed of myself
i havent even been able to win a short campaign
im trying H/VH and no cheats btw
im quite good at figthing , ive even been online a few times and did well but when it comes to the campaing i can never finish it, always something seems to go wrong
ive got the farthest with the brutii, i was doing great but when i started civil war evrything plummeted down
ive also dont have problem with managing cities, i usually keep my treasury green and very little revolts
but i just cant put the things together and i always end up overrun by enemies
could anyone give me some tips on how the campaign should be played
for any of the roman factions or in general
it will be very appreciated

btw i posted this earlier in the strategy section but i got no replies, hope this is not a prob
im new to this forum so i accept people telleing me i have to be more pacient and wait before posting twice sorry

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posted 13 April 2007 22:54 EDT (US)     1 / 7       
I'd say if you are having trouble with the civil war you should first build up your armys before you attack Rome. Or maybe just surround the other Roman family's citys and then attack.

Don't play fair! Make huge armys to attack a village settlement.


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posted 13 April 2007 23:08 EDT (US)     2 / 7       
Perhaps you might trying lowering the campaign difficulty to medium. The computer gets substantial financial and training bonus on hard or very hard.
posted 14 April 2007 00:19 EDT (US)     3 / 7       
If you can manage the battles, go for it on your current difficulty level. If the other families are getting you, then cut off their expansion early. As the Brutii, get not only the area the Senate tells you, but take Carthage and Thapsus before the Scipii and Massilla up to Alesia before the Julii. Some may dispute Alesia, but I've always found it profitable and fun to defend.
posted 14 April 2007 01:15 EDT (US)     4 / 7       
Also, because you are new, most new members don't realise that peasants are the best garrison units in RTW Vanilla, so use them in your inner cities, ie: non-border cities.

Use only a few full stack armies, I recomend three, it always worked for me in any campaign (except Germania where I need 5). Expand fast at the start and then defend for a while, as the Brutii, take Greece up to Bylazora, Segestica and Byzantium and everything below them inside Greece, this will give financial stability.

As for the Cival War, the other families can't start it, so if you don't wan't to do it, wait untill you have 49 cities, then take Rome for the coo de gras (sp?) on long campaign, or just fufill the short campagin requirements.

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posted 14 April 2007 02:50 EDT (US)     5 / 7       
Hi manu2310

From the tone of your post I can see already you are welcome here.

Campaign advice. Ive left my signature on this post. Have a read.

The one thing I notice in your post and I quote:
"usually keep my treasury green and very little revolts"
Raise your tax rate. Its OK to have your cities with yellow, blue..and even red (if no less than 70%) faces This increased tax will help..and it reduces population growth which can be a good thing.

But seeing that you have got to civil war and can fight I suggest its the movement and strategy on the campaign map thats the tough bit. How to take on the Romans in the civil war. Trade income collapses around Italy and you face loads of enemies. My Brutii and Gaul campaigns have a bit of advice...whilst Huns also faced multiple enemy armies.

Expand quicker and plan your 50 regions early on in such a way that prolonged battle against Romans in the civil war is avoided.

manu2310. If you see me on multiplayer give me a shout. Its a good way of having fun and theres a text chat facility also if theres any burning questions that need help on.

posted 14 April 2007 09:59 EDT (US)     6 / 7       
thanks for the help
seems that some of those things will really help me
im gonna start next campaing on M to get the fell of it
posted 14 April 2007 22:40 EDT (US)     7 / 7       
Even if you dont have 50 provinces, but your popularity with the people is 7+. the Senate can outlaw you and thus will start the civil war. One thing was not yet stressed enough: build a strong (the strongest!) navy. Ruling the lea lanes is a huge advantage. By ruling the seas you can wall off half game world. More than half, actually.And so be able to pick battles when and where you want.


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