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Total War Heaven » Forums » Rome: Total War Discussion » Another choice to eb made in my German campaign.
Topic Subject:Another choice to eb made in my German campaign.
Oolon Colluphid
posted 17 June 2008 11:32 EDT (US)         
I may have allready decided by the time I read any replies, as I will start playing RTW shortly, though I might finish my seleucid campaign first.

Anyway, after beating the Britons, I focussed my war effort on Gaul. I took a number of their settlements, when Dacia attacked me as well.
After some swift asskickings the Gauls offered a cease fire. I did a counteroffer adding trade rights and them giving me 1000 dinarii for 5 turns. They made a counteroffer of the same except 400 a turn and I accepted, figuring I could go to war with Dacia and push back their territory, as well as make some money, since my economy was in the dumps.

The problem however is this. All my strong units reside in the west of my territory, in the settlements I took from Gaul. But moving those to the east to fight Dacia would not only take a lot of time, it would leave the settlements bordering with Gaul unprotected. And I know the game well enough not to trust them, cease fire or no.

Anyway, Im pulling in about 2500 a turn, which is not much considering I have a number of settlements that can still build stuff and last tier buildings costing 2400. So I dont really have the money to create new units to concquer Dacia.

So, now I can keep the peace with gaul, have a small but stable income and focus on Dacia, trying to take their poorly defended territories to my south. and only after Ive taken those and generate a little extra income as well as being able to defend myself easier from Dacia, when I start tangling with Gaul again.

On the other hand. I could just go back and attack Gaul right anyway. Theyre weakened. I think they have about six territories, three of which are cut off from the other by either me or the Julii. Also, If I push through Southwards, I may be able to take some territory on the Mediterranean(sp) coast and generate some proper income.
Of course, this would mean I have to hold of Dacia with the relatively weak gerrisons I have in the east of my territory.

Oh the decisions...
posted 17 June 2008 12:37 EDT (US)     1 / 4       
I'd carry on hitting Gaul. You won't significantly increase your economy by taking over their territories, mostly because capturing Gaul as far as Narbo and Massilia will put an extra strain on you as you'll probably then have to fight off the Spanish and Julii. So any plunder gained will be spent building more units to hold on to Gaul and, good idea, expand into Spain to capture their gold and silver mines.

I wouldn't worry much about Dacia, so long as you have spies and watchtowers to keep an eye on what they're doing, a half stack of spear warbands and a general will be able to swat them aside comfortably enough. Their economy is dire so after a few defeats you probably won't hear anything from them for a long time, plus they should have their hands full with Thrace and the Brutii before long. I'd hold Dacia off rather than conquer them. Their settlements will yield you little and you'll end up having to defend a very broad front. Also you'll be a lot closer to the Brutii than you were, and your economy isn't ready for a clash with them yet. You could try a brief campaign into Dacia, with the idea of conquering a settlement and then letting it rebel from you - Dacia will turn its attention to this before it gets back to thinking about you.
posted 17 June 2008 13:09 EDT (US)     2 / 4       

ShieldWall summed it up brilliantly.

But don't underestimate the importance of assassins and infected spies against Dacia. Also, maybe pay them a tiny amount and demand them to attack the Brutii (in the same diplomacy screen, though), which would damage both nations and make the eventual battle with the Brutii easier.

(o o)

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m0n|<3yz r 2 pwn n00b
Oolon Colluphid
posted 17 June 2008 13:24 EDT (US)     3 / 4       
I'm pretty sure they won't attack anyone for the minute amounts I'll be able to pay them.

But I agree Shieldwall seemed to have a pretty well thought out perspective on the whole thing and I think ll take the advice.

Im actually hoping that taking Narbo Martius or Massillia will help out financially anyway. For one thing, I have trade rights with factions that are unreachable right now. Also, if I do it right, I wont really have to add defenses, just move them to the new edge of my territory, replacing the garrissons in the previous bordertowns with peasants. Also, if I take the Gallic towns with fully stocked army Ill have a strong garrison when its mine. Im hoping that this, combined with the fact that Im allied with them, will hold the Julii at bay for a short while, so I can organize my defenses.
posted 17 June 2008 15:05 EDT (US)     4 / 4       
remember to never ever ever have a full city garrisson - it's a HUGE waste of money. keep only a handful of units in each town. then, as the enemy moves against one, move your other town armies to assist:

say you have three cities that can reach each other in two turns. you can split a single garrison between all three cities.

As a word of caution of course - be sure that each region only has one or two towns attacked at a time, as otherwise you will not be able to send reinforcements. However, to the skilled player this is seldom the case, and often your men can defeat a beseiging army at one town in time to lift the siege at another on the next turn.

if you are playing defensively, you may even have a stack of units capable of moving freely across the frontier - a border force whose job is nothing but to go from town to town lifting sieges, retraining along the way.

fact is, if you have britain, germania and half of gaul, you should be making a lot more than 2500 and it has little to do with the buildings or farming. In addition to thinning out your garrisons on the frontier, look to your interior cities and navies. unnecessary peasants disbanded - extra 100d per turn. unnecessary boat disbanded - extra 100d per turn. better units that you don't need, like noble cavalry or berserkers, can give you hundreds of denari per turn if you disband them.

the fact of rome is that the campaign mode is significantly easier than previous iterations, where money was extremely tight. Anyone that has played Shogun or Medieval could start Rome on vh/vh and be rolling in cash the first day. If you have money troubles, i actually suggest picking up a copy of medieval - it's like $4 and will teach you fast all about army management.
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