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Topic Subject:AI of Factions on XGM
Smackus Maximus
posted 20 June 2008 03:32 EDT (US)         
Have been playing this campaign with a few factions, and I have noticed a couple of things....

1. All factions seem to attack you above all other factions wherever possible. (for example, independent Greeks always attack me as Rome, but when I was Carthage they didn't attack any Roman territories).

2. No matter what faction I play as, the neighbouring factions always seem to land a huge 20 unit army in my territory within 2/3 turns (even though I wouldn't have these troops if I were them). Do they get given them from the start?

Am playing as the Plotemaic Empire at the moment. Two years into game the Seleucids landed an enormous army (20 units), including 3x war elephants. They took my settlement (Side) but I killed almost their whole army, I only had skirmishers and levy phalangites (3x of each).

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posted 20 June 2008 07:30 EDT (US)     1 / 5       
1. The AI cheats. Simple as that.

2. Yes, the AI starts with a significantly larger military than the human player does as the same faction. I've always found it annoying, but it makes the AI less of a pushover, making a more balance game overall.
With that Selecuid army, I had a bit more luck than you. I was gathering troops there anyway, but more importantly I noticed this army hanging around Antioch, so I had time to prepare; build up, train troops, hire mercenaries like Merchant Marines (Available over the border with Eastern Kingdoms near Hieroselyma) and Greek Hoplites. I managed to beat them sallying from Hieroselyma, but at the cost of 90% of my army and my general (Thankfully I had another there anyway).
All that said, it was one of the most rewarding battles I have ever fought on RTW or any mod, so there is method in this madness.

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Smackus Maximus
posted 20 June 2008 08:23 EDT (US)     2 / 5       
That is kind of annoying.... I new I hadn't imagined it. But your right, I enjoyed the epic battle too, I didn't really have much chance but suddenly all 3 units of elephants ran amok and hit their army coming through the gate and the hole in the wall, causing them serious losses.

Javelins really are excellent vs elephants.... never fully appreciated the value of skirmishers, until recently.
posted 20 June 2008 13:23 EDT (US)     3 / 5       
1. Depending on the difficulty you are playing on the AI values the human player as a higher priority. A faction like the independent Greeks borders many different factions so it is more noticeable from them.

2. XGM gives the AI factions huge bonuses (especially if you didn't turn them down), so they are able to field armies you can only dream of. Plus most AI factions do get some units the human player playing the same faction doesn't at the start. As you noticed neighboring factions get quite the boost.

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Extended Cultures, A modification of RTW.

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Admiral Sushi
posted 20 June 2008 16:20 EDT (US)     4 / 5       
I've noticed these as well. For example, as the Greek City States, I am always afraid that my allies, Macedon and the Selucids, will completely pwn me with their massive armies of several Greek Hoplites; however, I haven't played so far as that they break the treaty. Their presence on my doorstep is further unnerving due to the fact I have to remove almost all my forces from a city to successfully attack a neighboring one.

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posted 20 June 2008 19:52 EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Keep in mind that when you install XGM there is an option to reduce the bonuses the AI receives. Plus every AI faction has a special building in its capital that gives it oodles of extra cash. So if you take their capital it will deliver a serious financial blow to them.
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