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Total War Heaven » Forums » Rome: Total War Discussion » Unit selection question and trade question from a noob
Topic Subject:Unit selection question and trade question from a noob
posted 20 June 2008 12:18 EDT (US)         
Hi all, I just got the game and I have a couple of questions. Is there a keyboard command to select units? Is there an easy way to toggle through your units? It seems to revert back to units I have already viewed quite a bit. It would be nice if I understood the order of viewing units when I hit the arrow for the next unit to be selected. Is there a way to select a unit and sort of lock it so it does not get selected on the next unit command? The only way I know of now to select units is to find one on the map and click on him to have access to arrow for the next unit in the lower right on the screen.

Secondly, is there somewhere I can view the status of all people I can trade with? It would be nice to know if I have already concluded a trade deal with someone or not. I could not find a list. The only thing I saw was in settlements it would show who you have traded with but that does not mean there are not more I could trade with. I appreciate your help. Thanks.
posted 20 June 2008 13:48 EDT (US)     1 / 5       
It's sort of in the manual - did you read past "a barbarian will be drinking from your skull, and laughing"?

But... immediately under the strategy map view, there are tabs for armies, towns, agents, & fleets (if you have a fleet selected). If you right click on any of these tabs, a scrollable list of all things of that type comes up. If you're on the armies or agents lists, the map will jump to the location of any man you select on the list.

If you left click on your faction symbol button in the lower right of your screen, a half screen pop-up shows more info. Click on everything on this screen at least once in a while (including the items on the lower left edge). You want the diplomacy tab, which shows your relationship to all other factions & also how they interact with each other - it gets pretty convoluted later in the game.

There is a huge amount of information available from the strategy map screen. Watch for rollover pop-ups as you move your cursor around. Right click & left click on almost everything you see onscreen.

Get the manual at:
(you may have to join - it's free, & I can't ever remember getting any junk mail from them)

Have fun!

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posted 20 June 2008 14:04 EDT (US)     2 / 5       
Not everyones game has a manual mine didn't.

Calling all new people. USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION before asking a question. Thank you.
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posted 20 June 2008 14:38 EDT (US)     3 / 5       
And even the diplomacy screen doesn't show trade rights
( i think ? )

It only shows Ennemy / Ally / Neutral
posted 20 June 2008 14:57 EDT (US)     4 / 5       
The diplomacy screen most certainly shows:
Trade rights, neutral, allied, or at war with every living faction.
If allied, mutual movement of armies across territories rights.
If you are paying/receiving tribute, how much & for how many more turns.

These are a pop-up when you hover cursor over each faction's symbol on the diplo screen. You have to hover over the large symbol on each faction's detail area, not their small symbol directly across from yours at the top of the screen.

Again - LOTS of info displayed onscreen, if you look carefully

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posted 20 June 2008 18:35 EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Thank you all for the help. It is much appreciated. I will be back for more help later as I can see you are indeed a helpful group. I downloaded the manual too. Thanks.

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