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Topic Subject:Roman Delimma
posted 21 June 2008 11:25 EDT (US)         
Hey all,

I'm new here, and I haven't been playing RTW for a long time, but I got off to a good start and now I need a little bit of help.

I started out super-aggresive and took all of Dacia and all of Gaul except Numantia. Right before Alesia fell, I signed an alliance with Britannia. The next turn, a Germanic army came down and attacked Lovosice, a former Dacian town that I controlled. The general who had conquered Dacia died the turn after (quite ironic, actually) so all I had throughout Aquincum, Campus Iazyges, Porolissum, etc. was just garrison troops. I gathered up an army and had them march towards Lovosice. But the siege would only last three turns and those soldiers will get there in two, and its probable the AI will attack before then.

Assuming I would lose Lovosice, I ordered the army that had just conquered Gaul out of Alesia and told them to march towards Trier. The problem was that the next term, and average size Britannic army broke the alliance and sieged Alesia. The garrison there would probably not be able to stand off the invasion, and there are too few troops in Lugdunum to reinforce Alesia.

So my question is this: should I leave Alesia and march straight for Germania, or should I turn back and help Alesia and abandon the march towards Trier. I'm about halfway between the two towns. Responses are appreciated.
Oolon Colluphid
posted 21 June 2008 11:49 EDT (US)     1 / 5       
It kinda depends how you want to play it I guess.

I've read from some people here they sometimes take over a town, then abandon it and let it rebel, while the army that took it moves on two conquer a new town, which they will then abondon etc. until the faction that owned them is desroyed.

Me, I like to play a bit more defensively, protecting my settlements near the borders with strong army, from where they can move out and conquer another settlement, moving up the line of defense in the process, and keeping it safe that way, until the time is right to expand again.

Anyway, it is hard to0 say what's strategically best without seeing your campaign map, but I think it's probably best to defend Alesia. I'm guessing it's larger than either Trier and Lovosice and therefore will generate more income, as well as allow you to train better troops. Also, if you keep the Germans at bay, while focussing your war effort at the Britons first, you can kick the Britons of the European mainlind quite easily (They probably don't have more than two settlements there, right?) and when isolated on an Island, they probably won't bother you so much. Then you can focus on the Germans.

Also, considering you haven't playing the game too long, know this: Alliances mean absolutely shit to the AI. It doesn't even marginally effect their decisions to attack you.
posted 21 June 2008 13:14 EDT (US)     2 / 5       
I would defend Alesia. It is one of your best cities, and is worth ten Lovosices. Instead I would also concentrate upon throwing the Britons off of the continent, and think about invading them afterward. Once you finish them off you can easily concentrate upon the Germans.
Terikel Grayhair
(id: Terikel706)
posted 21 June 2008 14:00 EDT (US)     3 / 5       
Hail, Lord of the Many Runes, and welcome to our Chamber of Peers!

To answer thy dilemma, we will first attempt to point out to thee thy predicament. Thou art of the wearers of Bedsheeting, thus thy fellow Sandalwearers to thy South are thy brethren until the Rites of Romeburg which bind thee together are sundered by the wicked old women of the Senatus.

To thy East was Dacia, now an immense expanse of land with little value. To thy south west, thou has the Iberians and the last of the Eaters of Garlic penned up in that half-island.

To thy North lay the Dark Forests of Germania, rich in nothing but mud and trees. Germanic armies may be large, but they are not well trained under the direction of the Incompetent Lord AI and are thus easily beaten by a few sturdy Sandalwearers.

To thy northwest lay the Rainy Isles of the Painted Ones, who can be wonderful warriors but who gain much of that useless but pretty yellow metal due to their trade with the burg of the Long Name near Alesia. On that wet island there are but three burgs- Londinium which is fairly large, and two others who cannot number more than a passel of heads should they move in together.

Thus, in thy situation, the Wise and Noble Lady SubRosa has given thee magnificent advice. Forget the dirt-poor woodsmen who cannot farm to thy north and bring thy ways to the Rainy Isles. This secures thy western flank from all foes, allowing thee to bring thy conquering warhost back to deal with the furclad demons of the Dark Forests, while simultaneously bringing many taxes into thy coffers.

After thou does cast the Germani back behind the Mighty Rhenus, thou might be tempted to travel to the last of the garlic-Eaters and make that entire half-island thine. Do so. There is much wealth hidden beneath the earth of Iberia, and as the Lord AI does not use seaborne troops so often, it shall be relatively safe as well.

we hope we have answered thy plea for counsel wisely.

May thy Sword remain Eversharp,

Terikel Grayhair

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posted 22 June 2008 00:32 EDT (US)     4 / 5       
Thanks for the expert advice guys! It ended up working out well because I broke the siege at Alesia and then kicked Britannia out of Samarobriva, and then the Germans decided to retreat from Lovosice.

I then went on major campaigns in Germany, and there was one scary moment when a full stack of Britons invaded Samarobriva, but I bribed them for pretty cheap and moved on.

I went on to win the campaign (WOOT!) by conquering the following peoples:

Germania--241 B.C.
Britannia--230 B.C. summer
Spain--230 B.C. winter
Carthage--229 B.C. (they were on Palma)
Thrace--216 B.C.
Scythia--212 B.C.
Greece (but not the faction)--211 B.C.
SPQR--210 B.C

It seemed to go by really fast. I was playing on E/E, but still... isn't the game designed to go all the way to 14 A.D.? And the Marian reforms happened in the like the 250's B.C.

I guess they can't do EVERYTHING historically accurate.

So once again, thanks!
posted 22 June 2008 01:57 EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Congratulations szczecin!

It is not surprising that you finished the game in that amount of time. I have only once had a campaign go into the 100's, and that is because I was playing a Defensive Campaign, so I was not expanding beyond my original territories. Usually I always finish the long campaign somewhere around 210-220.
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