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Topic Subject:Hi Everybody!
posted 24 September 2004 17:41 EDT (US)         
I just wanted to tell everybody around here that I plan to be active in this forum in the future. SOme of you might recognize me from AoKH or the HG History forum or the Library... I haven`t tuoched the game yet, but from what I have read (and I`ve read a lot),it seems great. So don`t be surprised if I`ll hang around here from now on.
P.S If this thread was a bad Idea, I`m sorry. D.S
Queen Honeymuffin II
(id: Kman)
posted 24 September 2004 17:47 EDT (US)     1 / 2       
You don't yet have the game??!? Heathen! Jupiter is much displeased in your inaction! Go buy it or face his wrath!
Kumar Shah
posted 24 September 2004 17:50 EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Hey, welcome to RTWH.

It would be good to keep such threads at a minimum levet



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A sexual move, where you do a double backflip, insert your penis into the orifice of choice, and scream, "Afraid are you?"
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