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Topic Subject:Best Barbarian faction
posted 31 August 2012 12:17 EDT (US)         
Now it is the turn of barbarians. The choices are:

-Germania /

Before I vote, I am going to think about it:
Gaul has a moderate starting position, its roster is medium if not for the forest warband. It lacks spearmen and shock troops and it will meat the Romans early on. Spain (unfortunately) lacks spearmen and archers (although they have those wonderful scuttari and bull warriors. I don't like Scythia as they don't are cavalry-based and have no strong infantry so even if they will have any success early on, they will loose to the Romans (when I command the Scythians). Britain, on the other hand (even though has a good starting positron) is too infantry-based has no cavalry at all, which is a great shame and therefor are not my favorite barbarian faction. The remaining faction is Germania. They are my favorite: These guys have great cavalry, exelant infantry and also they have one of the for best (in my opinion) units in the game beserkers. (The other units are Urbans, Spartans, and the Pharaoh's bowmen) A unit of beserker can easily destroy ANY other infantry unit in the game.

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General Sajaru
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posted 11 September 2012 22:08 EDT (US)     1 / 3       
After due consideration, while I would be tempted to agree with you that Germania is the best faction, I vote for Scythia.
While the Germans do indeed have berserkers, they are actually quite susceptible to ranged attack, and will suffer heavy casualties if they attempt to charge a unit such as an Urban Cohort. Therefore, their best units are the Gothic Cavalry and Chosen Archer Warband. However, Scythia has almost as good cavalry (better on the charge) Chosen Archer Warbands, and the best horse archers in the game. Their starting position, which may initially appear poor, sets them up to take Greece and the Aegean. As for their issue with lacking infantry, I like to use Mercenary Hoplites.

Also, I notice that you didn't mention Dacia .

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Terikel Grayhair
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posted 12 September 2012 03:16 EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Ah, finally we discuss real men, not little fairies covered in iron or bronze who play at being men.

The Espanish are not too bad. They have wonderful Bull Warriors who almost reach the prowess of our Vikings. These men are hardy, though seldom and expensive. I hear they come at the call of priests, and as anyone with a working noggin knows, priests and others who talk to the gods are not like mortal men. The horseborne, however, leave very much to be desired, and where are the bloody cowards who kill from afar with the hunting bows??

Gauls have the cavalry the Espanish desire, but lack footborne worth salt. We have yet to come across a warhost of Snail-Eaters and not rub their face into the slimy trail of their dinners. We have a healthy respect for their spear-armed cowards known as the Foresters, but the rest of their warhost…. Bah!

The Painted Men of the Rainy Isles are worthy opponents. Like the Espanish, they lack cowardly archers, though their slingers do get a boost from those loveable Head-Hurlers. They have no native horseborne, though they do use those infernal battle-buggies. We love to encounter the Britons upon the field of battle. Their generals and battle-buggies die like flies upon the tips of our spearpoints. I remember one battle, within a town, where we were attacking. We placed a spearband across the gate. The Britons charged, and made one hell of a 24-buggy pile-up right at the speartip-line. We had a lot of climbing to do to get in after the last one fled.

Scythians deserve little respect in regard to their weapon of choice. Tis bloody unfair to sit upon a horse and rain death from afar, then gallivant off into the sunrise to restock! On the other hand, one must give them the respect due their courage- they dare to show up on the field of battle naked but for breeks, armed only with a little piece of pliant wood to face men with steel and iron. A few hardy bands of Chosen Cowards on our side, with a few bands of Noble or Gothic Horseborne, and those fools evaporate like dew in the morning sun, but under a good general, they can even give us a problem or two.

The Dacians have the best balance of weapons of us all. Nothing spectacular, mind you, but good spearmen to face down horses, good swordsmen to face down infantry, falxmen as shock troops, good cavalry (Noble, of course), light cavalry for the running down of fleeing cowards, archers and chosen archers, war dogs, and even artillery. No unit excels at any one thing, but altogether, a varied army with which one can wreak havoc.

But far and above, the Germans are the best. Good horsemen with priests calling forth excellent horsemen, and for infantry? We start off with the best tier-one warhost in the game, and it stays good until much later, when we have Axemen, Chosen Axemen, Night Raiders, and the unholy Berserkers with whom to fill our ranks. The skirmishers give way to Chosen Archers, giving us a massive boost in ability to kill from afar. Battlewagons which terrify and slice through Romans die like flies before our spears, and our gibbering Mushroom-Eaters make almost all opponents soil the lower regions of their tunics before even swinging one of the spiked clubs. We lack artillery- though the Scythians and Dacians have managed to get some, but we care not for machines that kill. We are ourselves killers, and damned good ones. Once we get the glittery metal situation under control and some few burgs under our banner, we become almost unstoppable.

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posted 12 September 2012 09:57 EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Germans. Always the Germans. Their unit roster makes them extremely flexible, with a large and pretty strong phalanx as a base supported by excellent heavy infantry in the form of axemen, night raiders and berserkers. Then you have chosen archers who are superb and one of my favourite units in the game, and they can fight hand to hand if necessary. And you've got Gothic Cavalry - nothing more need be said. An army consisting of all of the above can take down just about any opponent with ease.

Scythia come a close second. They've no infantry that's worth speaking of, but armies of horse archers can utterly destroy your enemies in the field if you know how to use them. It's quite simple really - get in close, surround the enemy, and click auto fire.

As to the others, you can have lots of fun with the Britons, Gauls, Spanish and Dacians. All have pretty handy troops. But for me, none of them are in the same league as Germania and Scythia.
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