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Total War Heaven » Forums » Rome: Total War Discussion » Units committing suicide
Topic Subject:Units committing suicide
Kawada Shogo
posted 20 November 2016 15:58 EDT (US)         
I was playing a Gallic campaign on RTW this morning, and something pretty hilarious happened that I've never seen happen before.

The situation was, I was fighting the Romans in Spain, on the bridge southeast of Numantia, as the defender. Most of the battle went pretty normally. My troops surrounded the Romans on my end of the bridge, it was touch and go for a bit, but in the end we pulled through and won. So, as my cavalry are chasing the Romans across the bridge to mop up the runaways, I notice that one of my units is rapidly decreasing in numbers. Thinking that a Roman cavalry unit must have slipped past me somehow, I go to look, and what do I find? A whole warband unit is, inexplicably, just running straight into the river and drowning themselves. I quickly ordered them to run back up on land, and about 30 of them made it out of the water, out of the 90 or so that were originally in the unit. If this was happening earlier in the battle and to a more important unit, I might have found it less funny, but it was so bizarre I couldn't help but laugh. In addition to the inherent weirdness that it happened at all, there's the fact that the battle was already basically over, the infantry had no missions left to complete, because i'd told them to stop once the Romans mass-routed so that they'd stay out of the way of the cavalry. So this unit, after being stopped and doing nothing for several seconds, randomly decided to just run straight into the river and drown themselves. I have no idea why they did it. I've been playing this game for 5 years, done countless bridge battles, and i've never seen that happen before.

Not in a river anyway. There was one time, long ago, where I was engaged in a siege battle and my army was fighting on a wall, and after the enemy troops broke and went into "fighting to the death" mode, they suddenly began to jump off the wall one at a time. One would just run straight to the edge and jump, then another, and so on. Again, it was so bizarre I was just cracking up. That only ever happened once.

Anybody else ever had this happen?
posted 21 November 2016 00:18 EDT (US)     1 / 8       
That suicide missions on the wall is happening by me every time. I don't know why, and sometimes it is quite irritating because they could kill some enemies in stead of commit suicide.

Sometimes there is a 'wall bug'. The units (defending or attacking) are randomly kicked from the wall. They fall into their deaths ofc without the wall being collapsed. Quite funny as well losing half of the unit without fighting
Kawada Shogo
posted 21 November 2016 04:28 EDT (US)     2 / 8       
Every time, really? Yeah, I guess that would get old fast. It's funny when it happens once or twice but if it's happening every time, that would really hurt gameplay. I wonder why that's happening to you and not to me. I always lose a small handful of guys who fall off the wall sporadically during battles, which is natural, but i've never had it happen to an entire unit.
posted 21 November 2016 05:20 EDT (US)     3 / 8       
It is a bug I think. And it only happens by me when the enemy is climbing ladders or siege towers. This bug is actually not happening every time. I think it happens if to manny men are on the same piece of the wall (they might push other guys to death [lol])?

But, the case when soldiers are fighting to death on walls, and commiting suicide, is happening every time. (only when I are the defender)

Another nice thing (or bug) is the one with the ladders. When units are climbing on ladders, sometimes they all fell of from it. Don't know if it is a bug or not
Kawada Shogo
posted 21 November 2016 07:10 EDT (US)     4 / 8       
Well if there are too many guys on the wall, then yeah some of them can get pushed off, because everybody is pushing against each other and there's a limited amount of room. I've had that happen, though not on a massive scale. Actually, during that same battle where my warband ran into the river, my cavalry accidentally pushed some of my own guys off the bridge into the river as they were charging across it. Not a lot of them, but maybe half a dozen guys or so. Because the bridge was narrow and there were too many people on it. Also there were still Roman wardogs fighting on the bridge even as the men were running away, so that increased the congestion. So that can happen. I don't know why it's happening on such a constant basis with your guys though.

But I do think I know the explanation for why everybody is falling off the ladders. I've had that happen before too, and i've noticed that it seems to be when part of the unit is already on the wall and the unit's morale collapses. The units that are still on the ladders then just fall off. I guess it's because, once a unit is on the wall, it doesn't actually flee when its morale breaks; it goes into "fight to the death" mode and just stops moving. So the guys that are still on the ladders can't flee, and they just fall. I don't think it's a bug exactly, just a side effect of the "fight to the death" thing, and the fact that units never climb down from ladders.
posted 21 November 2016 15:04 EDT (US)     5 / 8       
Ah yeah, I think that's the right explanation of it. Lol its still funny watching people falling from ladders, or people falling from the siege towers when it got destroyed
Terikel Grayhair
(id: Terikel706)
posted 22 November 2016 00:55 EDT (US)     6 / 8       
It could also be a pathing problem.

Was the cavalry unit set in Guard mode, or the 'attack everyone in sight' mode? It could be a stray soldier from an exploded unit (one that brke and suddenly its soldiers are dispersed over the map) neared it, and the cavalry atacked what it thought was center of mass of the enemy unit, which by dispersal would be on the other side of the river, and the unit and AI do not realize there is a river between them.

Always funny and frustrating to watch units in Fight to the Death. Who are they kidding? The unit merely dances to its doom. I hardly see a sword flash or a spear thrust.

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posted 27 November 2016 03:43 EDT (US)     7 / 8       
The River God must be sated. I've never had that happen to me before but I have seen enemy troops on my side of the river trying to get back to their side, seemingly of the opinion that a bridge is a bourgeois luxury and they all drown.

I have had a unit basically climb up onto the walls and almost all of them throw themselves off the top for no adequately explained reason. I've only noticed it with siege towers though, so I've since got in the habit of not ordering tower units to move until every one has reached the top the wall. They seem to survive then. I have seen some when my chosen axemen have been slaughtering some Romans on the walls, and when they're all just about dead the sole remaining one decides to throw himself off. I understand completely.
Alcman Augustus
posted 01 December 2016 17:45 EDT (US)     8 / 8       
This has happened to me before.While beating up on an Egyptian city as the Seleucids,I used sap points to get through.In between the now destroyed portions of the wall were a unit of skirmishers(and some Nile spear men).I sent some Silver Shields to capture a tower,as they went through,the skirmishers began hurling javelins at my stainless steel phalaganites,at first to no avail.Soon,I started to lose some shiny spearmen.I sent some archers to handle them,once they got to the other side of the gap and started shooting,they starting falling *into* the wall.There were only 16 archers left once they were done.

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