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Topic Subject:RTW Senate Mod Idea
posted 24 March 2017 19:58 EDT (US)         
I have an idea for a Mod, and as I have ABSOLUTELY no knowledge of how to go about making it, I thought I'd share the idea in the hope I'll inspire someone much abler to make it.

As you know, the Senate's only real job is to tell the Roman families what to do. Nothing more. My idea is to make it much more democratic, and give the players actual, functional benefits to having popularity in the Senate and offices in the Senate.

Senate Offices

If someone in your faction holds an office in the Senate, you'll be able to do certain things that effect either Rome or all the Roman Factions. Different offices offer different abilities, as such:

Pontifex Maximus - Being the highest office of the game, this has arguably the largest effect. He will be able to "Interpret the Gods". This means that every turn, you'll be able to choose a statement that'll say something to do with the Gods. Depending on what statement you pick will either make a positive, negative or neutral effect on the public order of ALL ROMAN settlements. This office requires you to think of the Roman Factions as one unit, and to genuinely consider what is best for Rome.

Censor - This office has the ability to issue Senate Missions to the other families. They can only do so if the families haven't already been given a Mission, and "Recapture Rebel Settlement" missions will be given automatically. You will be given a choice of missions to pick. Obviously, it's in your interest to pick hard missions for the other families, and easy ones for yours, as succeeding them will give you more standing in the Senate.

Consul - In the actually Roman Republic, this office would be considered a sort of “Head of State”. Likewise, in the game, their office will affect Rome’s relations with other factions. You will be able to strike diplomacy with other Factions on the Senate’s behalf, and you’ll also be able to control Senate Agents. Also, and this is probably the most advantageous ability of all the offices, you will have the ability to start the Civil War. Your standing with either the Senate or the People isn’t effected by what you do while in this office.

Praetor - This office gives you the ability to place units in the recruitment queue. Making the best units will increase your standing with the Senate and the People, but be careful as it might come round to hurt you once you finally try to march on Rome.

Aedile - Similar to the Praetor, this office will have the ability to place buildings in the recruitment queue. Buildings that provide good public order and resources for the city will increase your standing with the People, while buildings that provide higher income and produce military units will increase your standing with the Senate.

Questor – As this office is traditionally associated with finances, that’ll reflect their ability. With this office, you will have the ability to set the Tax level, and, if applicable, set the Games and Races. This will greatly affect your families standing with the People, and if it causes riots, will negatively affect your standing with the Senate.

Senate Popularity

Having popularity in the Senate will give you more influence in Senate decisions. Every few turns, the Senate will offer a Bill. This Bill will have an effect on all Roman Factions, but they'll effect the Factions differently, depending on how they've developed their settlements. For example, a Bill might say something like "Marine Tariffs" which, if imposed, would lower trade coming from Ports, but raise trade coming from roads.

Every Roman family will have a chance to vote (including the Senate faction itself). The family’s votes are then multiplied by your families standing in the Senate. Therefore, if you are level 5 standing, then your vote counts for 5 votes. As there will be a maximum of 40 votes (10 per each Roman/Member Faction), the remaining votes not given to a family will be individually randomized.


Unrelated to the above, I also had the idea of improving on what a “Protectorate” was or did.

Here, you gain similar control over your Protectorates as the Senate does over the Families. Upon becoming a Protector, you’ll receive regular payments from them to your faction that reflect the number of settlements they own. That faction will won’t invade or attack other factions, but when they are attacked, you’ll be given a message saying they’ve been attacked or invaded and they need support. Not supporting them (basically attacking whoever attack them) will not only cause you to lose a lot of standing with the Senate and the People, but the provinces own by the Protectorate will be much more likely to Revolt (and therefore not be part of the Protectorate).

Also, after 10 years (20 turns) the Protectorate automatically becomes part of the Roman Republic as another family faction. They’ll also have a standing with the Senate and People, have their family members run for Senate Office, and shall receive Missions from the Senate. They will, however, no longer be your Protectorate, so the benefits and responsibilities disappear.

Overall Faction Behavior

This is more of an opinion than an idea, and might change the way the game is played altogether (if it does, then ignore this), but I think the AIs objectives need to be changed. All factions are set on world domination, which is good, but I think doesn’t really reflect how leaders lead in those days. I’m sure most of them wanted to just become a peaceful people. Granted, some factions will have their maniacal tendencies, but that should be a rarity. I think missions from the Senate should reflect this as well.

I realize this might seem somewhat boring, but I for one actually prefer the more political manoeuvring and kingdom management aspect of RTW to the military tactics. I like the idea of strategizing against other people’s social actions, and figure out a way, quietly, to overcome them. It’s like a soap opera, but with actual consequences.

Okay, so that’s basically it. Please, oh, please bear in mind this is just an idea. I’ve no experience in coding or programing, so I have absolutely no clue if implementing this is even possible, let alone how to actually do it. As I’ve left this slow cooking in my brain for a while, it might seem ridiculous and without logic, but that’s the cost on not really sharing it with anyone up until now.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Terikel Grayhair
(id: Terikel706)
posted 29 March 2017 03:32 EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Interesting idea.

I wonder how it would work, though. Scripting?

Protectorates already give you any excess in their treasury. Likewise, you pay any debts they have should they be running in the red. The idea of a Protectorate is that they are an autonomous nation that is an ally that pays you, not a part of your empire per se. Some revolt, some break treaties, some stay firm allies. Making them part of your own empire after x number of years sort of defeats that idea. Might as well simply conquer them.

A lot of your ideas require player input. I don't see how RTW can handle that- there is no in-game method to select or input choices- merely accept or decline, or in some cases, ignore the senate mission.

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posted 28 April 2017 19:58 EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Good points. Like I said, I'm not a programmer. I'm a board game designer, so I'm thinking primarily in what the player experiences.

Well, the idea of protectorate I never fully understood, in the game or in real life. I thought it was like a colony in the during imperial times, like the British Mandate for Palestine. They were autonomous, but were under British protection and occupation. And when I say to become apart of the empire, I mean become part of the roman factions. So as there are only four, doing so would add another, giving all the benefits thereof.

I knew it was a bit of a long shot, but I thought might as well put it out there and see what happens XD
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