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Topic Subject:Please Help! Made my first map, can't get it to work
BHL 20
posted 03 April 2017 03:32 EDT (US)         
I'm making a mod for Rome 1. I created a detailed map_regions.tga and descr_regions.tga. For the ground types, climates, heights, water surface and roughness I just temporarily made them as simple as possible, one colour for water and one colour for land. I left the trade routes and features all black, also temporarily, until I'm sure I can get the mod to work. In the descr_strat.txt file I put in 6 factions plus rebels and distributed all the towns between them. Since I didn't know the coordinates of the towns I just gave each faction a leader and put all the leaders in the corner of the map.

First, I tried to test the map by substituting all of the aforementioned files for all of their corresponding files in the vanilla game. However, when I then tried to select a faction from the campaign menu and start the game, the campaign wouldn't load and it would instead go back to the main menu. The map.rwm file wasn't being constructed. I then tried running the map as a provincial campaign and got the same result. Does this mean there is something wrong with the map files? I've noticed a map_heights.hgt file in the base folder, I only made a map_heights.tga, is that what I'm missing? Also I should mention that my map is of a different size that the original, but surely that's not the problem.

So right now I'm lost. Can someone give me an idea of what problem could be and possibly give me some directions for
implementing the mod?
posted 03 April 2017 05:02 EDT (US)     1 / 2       
You got a kick back to menu.

As a modder, you need to have the -show_err command in your shortcut. Then, when exiting the game after the kick back to menu error, the game will give you the exact error.

There are a lot of forums on the Internet with all possible errors while trying to create a map. Funny enough I just edited my own mod's campaign map, and there are always errors. The most of the errors come from descr_strat.txt
Terikel Grayhair
(id: Terikel706)
posted 04 April 2017 12:55 EDT (US)     2 / 2       

The thing with maps and such is that you have to toy with a lot of files, and everything has to match up perfectly or the thing crashes. There are also hard-coded numbers of provinces (I think 199, but am not sure), and the Sea counts as one of them. All the semi-colons, commas, and names have to be spot-on as well.

Tedious, but not impossible. I wish you luck.

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