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Total War Heaven » Forums » Rome Multiplayer Discussion » Forum Party Wrap-up - Saturday April 23rd
Topic Subject:Forum Party Wrap-up - Saturday April 23rd
Seraph (in absentia)
posted 29 April 2005 20:13 EDT (US)         
This week's forum party wrap up showcases a Free For All (... well, not really), featuring GloryofSparta (Julii), Tiresias (Britannia) and Adder (Germania) on the Scottish Highlands. All players had 15 k denarii at their disposal.

In the deployment stage, GoS decided to have a go at Adder's Germania again, considering all those great games against him in the past. It was time for the final showdown... her army consisted of 9 Praetorian Cavalry, 6 Urban Cohorts, three Roman archers and two Archer Auxilia.

Her general in command, Cnaeus Julius was guarded by a Praetorian Cavalry unit this day. Everyone had finished the deployment stage, and so the battle commenced.

About one kilometer in front of GoS stood the fierce warriors of Germania, an army consisting of 8 Gothic Cavalry, 4 Chosen Archers, three Spear Warbands, and 4 Night Raiders, led by a Barbarian Warlord. One of the Roman scouts had reported a Germanic advance; an archer duel was at this point inevitable.

Cnaeus raised his arm and ordered the archers to advance quickly in order to initiate the archer duel, but due to their longer range, the Chosen Archers shoot the first volley while the Roman archers advanced. Adder seemed to have a slight advantage, an advantage that he used wisely. A good deal of the fire arrows was absorbed by the Roman archers, but the gold defence wasn't enough for them to hold the Chosen Archer Warband for long. There was a gap between the Roman archers and the main body of GoS's army, and Adder exploited it by charging two units of Gothic Cavalry against them. GoS responded quickly, and dispatched two of her Praetorian Cavalry to counter them. Each side's cavalry sustained five casualties each.

While all this happened, Tiresias had marched his army forward. The British warlord seemed to search eye contact with Cnaeus, as the chariots approached the Roman right flank. A state of uncertainity made itself evident among the Roman ranks. What was this about? A conspiracy? Had the barbarians joined forces to vanquish the Roman army?

The Praetorian Cavalry marched to the right flank so as to strengthen it; a chariot outbreak was a possibility.

One of the Archer Auxilia units was ordered to move to a spot behind the Praetorian Cavalry, and opened fire on the chariots now riding around in the fashion of a Cantabrian Circle.

Adder, having noticed that the Praetorian Cavalry had moved, dispatched four units of Gothic Cavalry to GoS's left flank and pulled off a well executed strike at the outermost Urban Cohort trying to change its angle to face the Germanic cavalrymen; about 50% of that Urban Cohort died. The two center Urban Cohorts supported by two Praetorian Cavalry units managed to put the Gothic Cavalry to rout.

"Never mess with the Roman army!"

At this time the chariot archers charged into the cavalry - including Cnaeus - on the right flank. He, his bodyguard and another heavily decimated cavalry unit assaulted the chariots. It was not until now that he discovered that impetuous men leading scythed chariots are not to be played around with. Another fresh cavalry unit saw it and ran at a canter towards the fray, and the chariot division was at this time heavily weakened, and ran away. He now placed himself in a defensive posture with cavalry units on both sides of his unit.

"Ouch! That had to hurt..."

Three another Gothic Cavalry units along with the rallied one soon came to assault the Roman left flank. This time, with some assistance from the British general's unit nearby. The excruciating strike on a heavily decimated Urban Cohort put the once brave legionaries to the rout almost instantly. The scattered legionaries who weren’t involved in the Chariot assault, and whose morale was far from dipping, found the general's chariot and stabbed him to death, then they regrouped in front of the cavalry, shouting with joy.

Tiresias's army consisted not only of three Light Chariot Archers and three Heavy Chariots. 6 Head Hurler units and 7 Chosen Swordsmen divisions were representing the main body of the army. The British general was given his own chariot unit to toy around with.
The Head Hurlers emerged on the battlefield in the vicinity of the Roman army. Realizing that they could not assail the Romans alone, they retreated a bit. Well, that was what Cnaeus thought. A few hundred meters away from the left flank was an elevation, which the Romans came to occupy shortly. A new archer duel between Germania and Rome was triggered.

The Head Hurlers advanced, a carnage seemed imminent at this point. The heavily armored Praetorian Cavalry prompted a charge, and the British head hurling men unsheathed their swords once the armies clashed together. Multiple panicked and intimidated Praetorian Cavalry units ran away from the battle. The residual Cavalry units retreated in order to regroup away from the Head Hurlers now being shot down by Roman fire arrows.

Pila being thrown. I would not want to be one of those Chosen Swordsmen.

The Chosen Swordsmen joined the battlefield approaching the Roman right. The Praetorian Cavalry was repositioned at a spot behind the Urban Cohorts, with Archer Auxilia at the front reloading. This turned out to be an excellent moment to launch the pila. However, the Swordsmen recovered quickly and charged the two flank Cohorts. At this point Tiresias positioned his Head Hurlers behind the Swordsmen, and as the infantry collided with each other, the Praetorian Cavalry set out for the Head Hurlers and succeeded. Shortly, the cavalrymen rushed for the Swordsmens' rear.

"Oh well, Cnaeus was a great guy... he did not deserve to die prematurely."

The Roman army led by Julian senator in his thirties, was now heavily decimated. A strike from the rallied British general's bodyguard unit resulted in the death of the Roman. The intimidated Urban Cohorts, unable to stay calm, routed, and the Praetorian Cavalry were not late to follow in their footsteps.

Now that the Roman threat was gone, the remains of the British army turned their attention towards the defensive Germanic army, of which the infantry was still intact, and two rallied Gothic Cavalry units were protecting the flanks.

The exhausted Britons charged the Germanic lines, and they no longer exposed a threat to the fresh Germanic warriors.
However, some of them fell to an ambush by the chariot unit that earlier had killed Cnaeus.

Two minutes later, the last vestiges of the British army were gone. The Germanic army didn't wade through the corpses where the most blood was shed. No, they turned around marching back home.

Above is the results screenshot. And yes, what a battle!

GLORYOFSPARTA | RTWH and M2TWH Site Director, AoMH Game Information Admin, HeavenGames LLC
AoMH | RTWH | M2TWH | Ancient Greek Festival - 3rd to 4th of June in Watford, UK, 2006.
"Whoever obeys the gods, to him they particularly listen." - Homer
"GoS OWNS for being female and liking The Simpsons and Rammstein." - Crazed Ewok

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Fallen Angel
(id: The Adder)
posted 29 April 2005 21:14 EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Nice wrapup.

Adder |
"I would like to wonder if Adder always acts like a stuck up asshole?" - Coldviper
posted 30 April 2005 00:08 EDT (US)     2 / 5       
^ Ditto.

Oldie from RTWH!
posted 30 April 2005 05:59 EDT (US)     3 / 5       
I thought it would be rather more characterful to attack the romans rather than the germans, although I had hoped adder would attack the romans as I did, the sneaky germans stayed put and let us destroy each otehr

that was a good game, and strangely enough my first online outing with Britannia

I also want to point out that my headhunters did rather better than GoryofSparta says, their kills were huge in the stats screen and multuple cavalry units went fleeing.

Overall gg, nice write-up. I challenge you to another game today if I can make it. 3 player FFA are underplayed

Seraph (in absentia)
posted 30 April 2005 09:44 EDT (US)     4 / 5       
Shame one can't see each other's statistics.

I was worried about the Head Hurlers. Upgraded with +3 attack, which makes a total of 20, they constitute a serious threat to any infantry heavy faction.

GLORYOFSPARTA | RTWH and M2TWH Site Director, AoMH Game Information Admin, HeavenGames LLC
AoMH | RTWH | M2TWH | Ancient Greek Festival - 3rd to 4th of June in Watford, UK, 2006.
"Whoever obeys the gods, to him they particularly listen." - Homer
"GoS OWNS for being female and liking The Simpsons and Rammstein." - Crazed Ewok
posted 30 April 2005 16:00 EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Head hurlers are a pain in the ass, and where do they get all those heads from! They always kill so many ppl..
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