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Topic Subject:New Article: The Genius of Roman Military Organization
Terikel Grayhair
(id: Terikel706)
posted 18 May 2009 06:20 EDT (US)         
The Old One has once again resumed studying ancient military organizations, and this time he sees parallels to the forces of Today's armies.

The article may be found here.

Comments and criticisms are always welcome.

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TWH Seraph
posted 19 May 2009 03:04 EDT (US)     1 / 2       
I'm assuming the Polybian reforms were wrapped into one with the Camillan reforms in this article. As during the Camillan reforms the basis for organization in the army was still wealth\income. As it was not until the Polybian reforms that;
"The basis was now no longer upon wealth or income but rather upon age and experience- the younger, inexperienced warriors became hastati while the older veterans principes."
Also it was the Polybian reforms that saw the Rorarii and Accensi reformed in to the Velites. But apart from that great article so far

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(id: ArchDruid)
posted 19 May 2009 19:12 EDT (US)     2 / 2       
A bit harsh on the commanders who faced Hannibal in general, but particularly Varro - 'despised infamy' is a rough way to describe someone who was joyously welcomed back into the city when he returned.

That said, the article is very well written and pleasingly thorough regarding the pre-Marian legions and reforms. The comparison with modern military organization is informative and appropriate, reminding us of just how much we owe to the Romans as a whole.

Nicely done!

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