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Medieval 2: Total War Discussion
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Topic Subject: When You MUST teach Milan a lesson...
posted 10 August 2014 21:54 EDT (US)   
A normal gamer would say to just "throw several armies their way" and be done with it. Or assassins, I'd you so desire. But, by editing descr_strat, no faction will be a problem any more.

Short answer: Unlock the unplayable faction.

Longer answer: Unlock The Mongols, Timurids, Rebels, and Papacy.

Longest Answe: Wreck havoc on your enemies of old with the waves of death from the east. Unlocking Mongols, Timurids, and other emergent factions may leave the common player feeling "down".

It is possible to play as the emergent ones. When you start a campaign as Mongols, Timmies, Venice (Crusades), Mongols (Crusades), New France (Americas), English Colonies (Americas), Barons Alliance (Brittania), except the Kalmar Union (Teutonic, unlikely to form via AI), you will be deceived. You may see a black screen (Mongols and Timmies in original), and unable to move the screen and an hourglass endlessly spinning around.

Saving the game and the loading it will unlock the screen, although once next turn comes around, the screen will lock and you must then load the auto save each and every turn until you appear, which you will then be able to play like a normal faction.

It may be worth noting your upkeep as Mongols and Timmies. Mongol Infantry, Foot Archers, Mongol Heavy Archers, Mongol Horse Archers, and Bodyguard have entirely 0 upkeep!

Even after setting up camp, those units CONTINUE, for the rest of the game, to have 0 upkeep. You can, as a result, train countless armies that you won't have to pay a florin in upkeep for. However, you may or may not randomly get an utterly worthless general for absolutely no reason while you are training a stack or more, but if they rebel only the general will be in the army.

Everything else will have upkeep, so don't train those unless you have an outrageously awesome economy. I'm not sure about the Timmies, but feel free to find that out. And even without a settlement, the Mongols produce around 3,000 florins a turn from their "kings purse".

So you want to teach Milan a lesson without being messed with in the first place?


Sadly, you won't get the cool "The Mongols are Coming!" Video, nor will you be able to train any boats aside from useless Dhow's that can't get to the Americas without editing descr_strat or something else, I'm not quite sure what.

So yes, while you get to play as the Mongols and have fun wiping Russia, Egypt, or the Turks' behinds, you get a free look into what YOU may end up facing in a future campaign, so use the BLESSED opportunity to stock up on strategies for battling the Golden Horde.

Oh, and the theory that the Mongols can't retrain troops? As far as the Mongol player is concerned, YOU CAN! And in the process, get armor and/or weapon upgrades for your 3-silver experience+ units! It'll be a nice transition from getting wiped by the Mongols to wiping WITH the Mongols!

A whole other world awaits a Timurid player...
posted 12 August 2014 07:25 EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Do I get the feeling that Milan did something naughty?

I think there's a way to get the game to handle the locked screen thing better - I'll look it up for you. A bit of code to paste into a particular file.

Another option would be to set the AI for the Mongols / Timurids etc to have a violent grudge against Milan - like a permanent jihad target (or worse given you could make them desperate to ally with any enemy of Milan / fight any ally of Milan).
posted 13 August 2014 11:39 EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Milan is ALWAYS doing something naughty in my campaigns. As England, they stabbed me in the back for aiding them in a war. As the Papal States (playable like any faction, aside from its hard to call crusades), they I relentlessly attacked Florence and assassinated my generals/ popes. I thought it'd be cool to "Mongol" them to death... too bad when I did appear, Milan had been banished to Ajaccio, Iraklion, and Rhodes.

Well, even though I can't go to the Americas, I still have Dhow's to sail over to them with!
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