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Topic Subject:EB July Map and Features Preview
Teleklos Archy
posted 16 July 2007 22:41 EDT (US)         
Greetings Europa Barbarorum fans.

Work is as always being done on EB and it's time to show a few of the things we've been getting ready for the mod.

Thanks goes out to Uranos, Stefan25, Tellos Athenaios, O'TAIPOS, Anallein, tk-421, and many others for helping out with these various elements of the mod. Thanks for sticking it out too guys!

The Map: Uranos has been working on putting the finishing touches on our map. These last changes will be the final ones for EB on RTW (outside of possible tweaks with roads or such). This map highlights the new changes (which includes two entire province changes, new rivers, some cities moved, some province and city name changes, etc.):

Here is the map without the changes highlighted, in the basic "Antique" Map format:

EB Disasters: Thanks to renewed work on disasters in RTW in general, both on TWC and ORG modding fora, we have been able to get more of them working in our current build. We had a number of discussions on how to maximize them while still keeping them realistic, and locations were researched and discussed for many of the disasters we are implementing now. Unfortunately Storms are still totally broken in RTW and will not be included, but we have Epidemic Diseases, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and optional Floods. Even better than just having them, most of the work done on them has been in restricting them to the areas they had the most effect. Here are maps describing those areas:

Map showing Increased EB Chances for Epidemic Disease (Outbreaks) Arriving via Trade/Grain Shipments (one somewhere on the map roughly every two years, intensity ranges from 2-7)

Map showing Possible EB Earthquake Epicenters (one somewhere on the map roughly every three years, intensity ranges from 2-10)

Map showing EB Volcanoes (black cores indicate dormant/extinct, but still major/massive stratovolcanoes; red active volcanoes include those stratovolcanoes or large lava fields that have caused destruction/death in historical times)

Map showing EB Flood Prone Locations (*if* activated - they do not come activated in regular build, but are commented out - and also a backup file with them will be included - one somewhere on the map roughly every two years, intensity ranges from 5-8; problems with flooded territories may be resolved by deleting map.rwm and restarting a campaign)

Strat Map Textures: Stefan25 took a few days off from his unit-creation tasks to work on tweaking our strategy/campaign map textures. As you'll see from these screenshots, he made changes in the water, shorelines, sky, and ground textures. It makes a big impact when you load up your first game with them, and we are very pleased with the way they turned out. The grasses are much more vivid, the clouds feel more real, and the water is a lot deeper.

(Thanks Tellos Athenaios for the screenshots!)

Pahlava Changes: One of the biggest changes we have implemented for the next release involves the Pahlava (Parthian) faction. They are still in the Eastern culture group, but they begin as much more of a nomadic faction now, reflecting more accurately their situation in 272 BC. As the expand into the lands formerly occupied by the Persian and Hellenic empires across the Iranian Plateau and into Mesopotamia, they will have the ability, if pastoralism is chosen as their lifestyle in those provinces, to build a "reformed pastoralism" that will lead to advanced herds and settlements and then to individual provinces "reforms" that allow many additional buildings to be constructed and stop unit recruitment from the camps and herds and transfers it to the regular MIC's (which by that point will be cheaper and faster to build than they regularly are). The new parts of the nomad system, that only work for the Pahlava, are shown with dark grey backgrounds here:

The Locations where it is possible to build "Parthian Reformed Governments":

And to refresh your memory, here are the Nomad and Mixed Hidden Resource Locations (Nomad=Red, Mixed=Green)
(Nomad or Mixed allows "Nomadism")
(Mixed or None allows "Pastoralism")
(None allows "Nomad Allied Government")

And by the way, anyone recognize this pretty face? No cheating or asking O'ETAIPOS! :grin:

New Pahlava Buildings: Not only do they get a new and unique system, but the Pahlava also have a number of new building levels for their reformed cities.

Once you have built your nomadic villages into cities, you can then upgrade your simple sewers into Cisterns:

And if your city grows even larger, you can upgrade the regular Cisterns into a Cistern System that is cooled by Badghirs, or wind towers:

And you can even upgrade your simple Game Field into a proper Zurkaneh, or a type of traditional Persian wrestling and exercising school:

There are even more, but the proper graphics are only in the newest internal build, so they aren't shown here. Hope this glimpse gives you enough reason to upgrade those Parthian cities!

Fog of War Revealed
: While we have been working on using spies and scripts to reveal the location of important cities (depending upon which faction the human player starts the game playing) that would have been known to each faction, we have had trouble because all spies were placed in the descr_strat.txt file and therefor many spaces were occupied to start each game. But Anallein realized we could use movement scripts to take one spy for each faction around the world, so to speak, before the game even starts. Then he can be killed off by scripts (sorry!). This way, if you are the Epeirotes, you start the campaign knowing of these places/cities:

Or if you are the Aedui, you start the campaign knowing of these places/cities:

Or if you are the Saka Rauka, you start the campaign knowing of these places/cities:

You get the drift now, hopefully.:grin: Thanks to tk-421 for helping out with this and fixing some of the last problems we have had with it, but now they work so much more easily and we have them for almost all factions.

Border Trade Resources: Did you ever get irritated because your provinces on the edge of the map were not helping you financially enough? The map only goes so far and even if there was light, moderate, or heavy trade going on off the edge of the map there is not much you can do about it, right? Well, we now have indestructible buildings in certain provinces on the map's edge that will help those provinces when it comes to trade. Provinces in India are most affected, but also those on the northeast corner of the map and on the east and west coasts of Africa.

Here is an example of one in the Saka Rauka lands - note the region specific description and "level" of bonuses as well:

Here is one on the Red Sea at a Ptolemaic port, with its own description and level of bonuses also:

There are more, but the rest look similar to these. We hope it will provide a more realistic trade system.


We hope you have enjoyed this preview of some of the EB content.
Please note that unless stated otherwise, ALL pictures, names, and descriptions shown in our previews are works in progress. We continue to improve on all parts of EB, and we will continue to do so long after our initial release.
Since some areas where these news items are posted cannot handle wide images, we appreciate your restraint from quoting full-size images.
As always, if you have questions or comments, the best place to post them is here, where the EB team is most active: Barbarorum ORG forum Barbarorum TWC forum

We give special thanks to [ Protocol '"http' in URL is not supported ] that provides us with a simple, foolproof, and free way to show you all these pictures each week.

Have a great day!


The Europa Barbarorum team.
(id: Olondi)
posted 17 July 2007 07:47 EDT (US)     1 / 8       
Looks awesome!

This is beyond v0.82, correct?

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Teleklos Archy
posted 17 July 2007 09:48 EDT (US)     2 / 8       
Yes, we don't know what we are calling it just yet (we have a new set of internal names that don't match the 0.82 type format), but it is a good deal more complete than our last release. Lots of new units, more scripted stuff, more features, more everything.
posted 23 July 2007 20:28 EDT (US)     3 / 8       
OMG, I have to finish my RTR campagne, this looks awsome!!!

Btw, do you have any news about the Rome mod for the M2TW engine? I've heard rumors about the org team(can't remember the name of the mod) and the EB team teaming up on it? And was gonna be called EB2?

Great work you guys!! Keep it up.


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(id: Olondi)
posted 24 July 2007 06:19 EDT (US)     4 / 8       
When you were upgrading the Parthian faction and you saw how much work there was involved, did you all gasp "oh, what a Pahlava!"?

Just tick on that Obvious Joke Counter one more notch...

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Teleklos Archy
posted 24 July 2007 13:26 EDT (US)     5 / 8       
Well, we are working on EB2, but it's not very advanced right now. The good thing is that so much can be brought over quickly (pictures of buildings, text descriptions, basic complex designs for buildings, etc.). There's tons of new work, but it's not anything like building EB from nothing like we did for RTW. Don't expect it anytime really soon though. We still are finishing up EB for RTW after all.
posted 25 July 2007 10:27 EDT (US)     6 / 8       
Keep up the good work you guys! I'm gonna enjoy EB first, and use good time to it. And somewhere in the future I dream for a mod set to the ancient times using the M2TW engine, preferably it is EB2

Edit: Btw, where can I download this?

"One can do without God, but not without religion.."
"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
"In war there is but one favorable moment; the great art is to seize it!"

- Napoleon Bonaparte

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Teleklos Archy
posted 25 July 2007 14:52 EDT (US)     7 / 8       

0.81a is a full install, on top of a *clean* 1.5 RTW build. Make sure it's a fully functioning 1.5 build or it will not work.

Then I'd go ahead and put the patch on it, the first one on this page (EB v0.81a -> v0.81a v2 Minor bug release
"This is a minor release, to be installed over an existing EB v0.81a installation. Includes an updated Gaesatae & Tindanotae Censored Pack.):

Have fun!!

Oh, and here is a page that shows you *exactly* how to install it if you are not sure on anything - with screenshots!

[This message has been edited by Teleklos Archy (edited 07-25-2007 @ 02:53 PM).]

(id: Marcus Orentius)
posted 25 July 2007 15:17 EDT (US)     8 / 8       
I do like the way that desert rocks sway in the wind by the way.

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