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Topic Subject:Strat Map Settlement Scale
posted 02 March 2019 15:59 EDT (US)         
Hi, in descr_model_strat.txt you can edit the scale of soldier and ship models on the campaign map, but I would actually like to increase the scale of the settlement models. To make them appear bigger on the campaign map. Has anyone found the relevant file/line?
Terikel Grayhair
(id: Terikel706)
posted 03 March 2019 05:51 EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Peeing about, I found a map data/models_strat that held the tga's of the icons used on the campaign map.

I then tracked their usage thought the text files and found where it puts the one on the other and couples in other data.

There is no line for scale that I found. It looks like when it is to print an icon onto the map, it draws it from the tga's directly.

What might be possible, is to do this, if you have the savvy:
1) make a back up of the models_strat folder. Name it models_strat_bu or something and move it outside your RTW folder.
2) Open photoshop or similar and resize the picture to a larger size, then crop the exxcess away and resize back to original number of pixels. Save
3) Pray to Odin and Jupiter that it works.
4) Test it and see.

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posted 03 March 2019 09:53 EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Thanks, man. But this kind of modding is far above my skill level. I'll just leave this (it was probably gonna be ugly anyway, with armies standing through the settlement models) and continue to pray to O∂inn for other things.
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