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Topic Subject:Let us help the guys at Creative...
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posted 11 October 2005 04:34 EDT (US)         
Many of the forumers in here wondered what Creative Assembly is to make next time. One idea is to remake Medieval Total War with Rome's graphics. I agree upon that idea. But I have an idea too...

Musketeer Total War

Place: Europe, middle east and north africa.

Timeperiod: 1550-1820 give and take.

Factions: England, France, Prussia, Russia, Turkey, Denmark, Holland, Austria and such others.

Missions: Take a number of regions, with so and so of special required regions.

Generals: Can be recruited.

Agents: Diplomats, Spies, Assassins/saboteurs and the new one, Priests. This new agent can convert settlements to one's official religion.

Fleets: Sloops, frigates and ship-of-the-lines. Naval battles are auto-determined as before.

Artillery: 2 different pounds cannons and howitchers. With Grapeshots as special fire. Except howitchers, they can have explosive cannonballs. Best for sieging.

Units: Early, pikemen and simple riflemen, but with later opgrades, fusiliers and such. Divided into infantry, cavalry and artillery.

Buildings: Besides the obvious, such as barracks, foundries (for artillery) markets, roads, churches, governour houses, sanitation, universities, defensive walls and buildings of entertainments. But also new ones, such as Hospitals, which can limit the attrition in seiges, and the loss when plague hits.

Battles: As Rome. You can either auto-detemine, forfeit or go to the battleground.

Otherwise it will show many of the same aspects as in Rome, total war.
I know there's a game called Imperial Glory, but that sucks compared to Rome. I think it will be cool with Rome's engine and graphics.

Your thoughts. please.

posted 20 October 2005 15:06 EDT (US)     26 / 29       

Your idea is interesting, did you know that a similar idea has been done as a mod for MTW?

Just incase you where interested

posted 22 October 2005 06:23 EDT (US)     27 / 29       
Impudent_one i didnt know that thanx!

It's strange but it seems that the Total War series is going back in time!

Shogun --> 1500AD -- 1600AD's

Medieval --> 1120AD -- 1453AD

Rome (w BI)--> 270BC -- 476AD

so perhaps ?

Greece --> 490BC -- 250BC )

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posted 22 October 2005 10:20 EDT (US)     28 / 29       
Caveman: Total War
posted 24 October 2005 12:29 EDT (US)     29 / 29       
Just been thinking more about future Total War games, and if anyone wants them set in the future, Star Trek or Star Wars are possible gold mines. I even thought up Star Trek: Total War, and it has been coming together pretty well...anyone want to hear it?

()> <()
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