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Total War Heaven » Forums » Rome: Total War Discussion » fastest campaign complete? and which faction.
Topic Subject:fastest campaign complete? and which faction.
posted 20 April 2013 09:43 EDT (US)         
so far on VH/H i completed the campaign with the Brutii, holding a total of 50 settlements by 256BC. i was quite happy with this, but thought i would try to beat that record.
i played as the Seleucid empire on the same difficulty, and managed to hold 57 settlements including Rome, by 257BC. i beat my record by one year, but was wondering if anyone else had a fast record and what faction hey used to achieve it. im thinking of using Gaul next as they're much more central, and start off with more generals than other factions.

posted 20 April 2013 11:18 EDT (US)     1 / 6       
Sorry to say I'm completely rubbish at this as I don't like winning quickly, instead I play a slow, merciless game of grinding my enemies into superbly organised dust. Probably the quickest I ever did it was in the mid-240s BC, but that's rushing it too much for my liking.
posted 20 April 2013 11:37 EDT (US)     2 / 6       
yeah, i never used to play slowly but when playing against the romans on very hard, there is no grinding down, if you let them expand it will become almost impossible (and very time consuming) to defend your cities, let alone expand.
i still think 240 BC is pretty fast, since before i started rushing i would complete around 220BC.

what faction were you playing as?
(id: Orcrist_Beleg)
posted 20 April 2013 22:06 EDT (US)     3 / 6       
I don't remember details, but my fastest campaign was with the Germans on VH/VH. I expanded in all directions from the beginning. I had fine-tuned my armies to try and get the fastest rout possible from enemy armies. Which, as you may know, is pretty easy with the fear bonus that some German units have. Chosen archer flame attack> pin them with the phalanx warband> night raider and axemen > cavalry flank. If properly executed, all remaining enemies will be running home to hide under the bed covers... if they make it that far.

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posted 20 April 2013 23:28 EDT (US)     4 / 6       
Fastest I've ever completed a campaign was with the Britons. I believe it was 258? Chariot scare armies with very little, if any, infantry made swift conquest easy. Add in the many of the chariots were self repairing (Family Members) and that's a great bonus. My armies seemed so weak and generally the AI just attacked outright (and that was my hope) and then I'd destroy them. I had most of my conquered cities pumping out infantry to garrison the newly conquered cities as well as taking care of the small, meaningless units the AI had roaming about. Was quite fun. Barbarians are easy enough to defeat with chariots, and only the Romans really required the actual hands on battles.

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posted 21 April 2013 15:32 EDT (US)     5 / 6       
was that with a full campaign or only a short campaign? because i find it hard to have rapid expansion with briton, since provinces are quite large, and a lot of forest makes swift conquering difficult.
if that was a 50 settlement campaign i would be interested to know it was possible to achieve in only 12 years, eg. what areas you expanded to and when.

the reason i ask is when i made those fast campaigns, i was conquering 2-3 settlements a turn, if not more, and i found it very difficult to do with briton

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posted 13 September 2019 00:26 EDT (US)     6 / 6       
Bullshit to all of you liars. There is no way to expand that quickly.
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