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Topic Subject:AI tactical Genius?
The Great Krabb
posted 03 February 2020 05:25 EDT (US)         
So I have played hundreds of battles over the years and have come to know and to even have a kind of affection for the Computers foolish/suicidal playing style, but in my recent Seleucids Campaign, after decades of defending Hatra, lynch-pin of my Eastern Defences after abandoning Seleucia early on, against wave after wave of Armenian warriors, I finally met my match.

A young Armenian General leading the greatest force to come down from the mountains in living memory laid siege to the city. (notably also the first time I have ever seen the AI use Armoured Horse Archers) In response I sent a young genral of my own with a sizeable cavaly force to relieve the beleaguered citizens.

When battle started I realised to my horror that I had been foiled by the Computer, and inspite of opting to control the reinforcements myself they had in fact been placed at the mercy of the aforementioned suicidal AI.

Having repelled so many Armenian assaults during the campaign I had grown over confident and instead of defending the central square, I lined my men up on the battlements and clogged the great gate with as many spears as possible.

The battle started predictably, with ladders thrown up against my walls, eastern spearmen flooded my battlements and, content they would be driven off by my experienced militia hoplites, I proceeded to watch in awe as my cavalry reinforcments were flung into the mass of foes before the gates.

At first the wild charge appeared to have paid off with the beginnings of a mass rout starting to show, however the timely arrival of my new nemesis, leading a battalion of HA rapidly turned the tide of battle.

All was not lost however, I still had vast numbers of pikes at my command who now opened the great gates of Hatra and marched out to rescue their foolhardy young prince, alas I had been distracted for too long and the battle for the walls had gone badly wrong, it was at this moment that the gatehouse was captured. My glorious warriors, veterans of countless sieges, were caught beneath the gates as their own defences were turned against them, hemmed in by their own numbers and the enemies outside the walls, in mere minutes Hundreds died agonisingly as boiling oil poured down upon them.

I shed a tear, for I had rarely seen such carnage in all my time playing the game. The retreat back into the city was frantic but the force that rallied in the square was still capable of pushing back the tide that now flowed through the gates. My heart sank as I watched the enemy fill the streets with their HAs, a few proping thrusts were repelled and the wily Armenian lord settled in to watch as his archers turned my remaining force into pin cushions, My foolish prince was one of the last to fall, in one of my worst losses of all time.

It was wild and brilliant that such surprises can still happen after all these years of playing the game, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Lost control of my reinforcements to the computer, and AI shot me to pieces like an actual human player rather than death charging onto my pikes like usual. Any other tales of the computer being clever like this?

PS sorry if this belongs elsewhere, but it is my first post after years of lurking,
Terikel Grayhair
(id: Terikel706)
posted 04 February 2020 11:40 EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Welcome, Great Krabb!

This is indeed the place to speak of battles and losses, tactics and misfortunes, as well as conquering and victory.

I too have experienced something similar, though I bow to your superior tale. In my battle, I had positioned my reinforcements to the west prior to my main force making the strike against the enemy to open the battle from the south.

Since there was a general in my reinforcements, he used his own head about the plan. Had there been a captain leading that force, they would have arrived in pieces as my main force depleted.

I had thought the bastard, I mean my royal cousin, would line up his forces and sweep forward, just as I had done. We would have the enemy in a vise and crush him thoroughly and easily, with few losses.

So, what does my royal cousin do? He does indeed line up his forces as had I, infantry in the center and horsemen to wach wing. I had my horseborne in a clump off to one side- a heavy hammer.

Then he charges. Not as a host on the march, but high-diddle-diddle-straight-up-the-middle with everybody at full speed. The horsemen crashed into the opposing center and were massacred by the pikes there, which then engaged the infantry once they caught up. Cuz ate one of those pikes as well.

However, our side won the battle. While Cuz was getting his ass handed to him by the Lord AI, I launched my horseborne hammer at the rear of the phalanx and sent my infantry off askew toward the far side of the battlefield.

When the troops loyal to the Lord AI, already in bitter conflict with my cousin, heard the thunder of approaching horsemen from their rear and realized it was not their own, panic ensued. The fleeing troops ran right into my line of waiting infantry.

Not a soul of theirs survived.

I lost my cousin and half of his army, but we pressed out enough folks from the city we captured to replace losses easily enough.

The part of the battle that surrised me the most was the deployment of the Lord AI- he did not face me. He did not split his forces to try and fight two battles. He deployed all of his forces against the smaller of the two facing him- human tactics. Defeat the smaller force while the huge lumbering one moves into position, then re-orient and defeat that in detail as well.

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