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Topic Subject:Now reading - history edition
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Ace Cataphract
HG Alumnus
(id: Ace_Cataphract)
posted 26 February 2006 23:12 EDT (US)         
This thread is essentially a place where you can talk about historical books you are presently reading or ask for book recommendations. You can recommend ANY (good) history book.

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Tribunus Laticlavius
posted 19 November 2011 10:32 EDT (US)     201 / 212       
The Flashman series by George MacDonald Fraser falls into the category of 'ripping good yarn', while also being quite detailed about the history and context. It spans the mid- to late 19th century.

It is, however, most definitely not politically correct, with the protagonist quite willing to express his prejudices in the first-person narration.

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Busschof Happertesch
(id: Derfel Cadarn)
posted 19 November 2011 11:28 EDT (US)     202 / 212       
It is actually more balanced than the vast majority of historical fiction, however, particularly the generally odious genre of military historical fiction.

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Bulba Khan
(id: stormer)
posted 19 November 2011 16:57 EDT (US)     203 / 212       
I guess thats why I liked it, it was a historical novel that did not deviate too much from reality.
and ill check that pitt thanks.

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posted 20 June 2012 22:57 EDT (US)     204 / 212       
Anyone have any suggestions on a book of Norse Mythology?

As for suggestions:
"A Child of Hitler" by Alfons Heck, great eye-opening memoir by a former Hitler Youth member.

"One Day in the Life of Ivan Desonovitch" Historical Fiction but has proven to be true, can't remember author off the top of my head, sorry.
posted 21 June 2012 04:56 EDT (US)     205 / 212       
I've got the Penguin Book of North Myths by Kevin Crossley-Holland. Superb translation of 32 myths with lots of notes at the back shedding more light on each.
posted 18 August 2012 12:48 EDT (US)     206 / 212       
Thanks Shieldwall been looking out for it at the local book store, which has maybe one shelf devoted to history rather unfortunatly.
(id: Joshooarh)
posted 23 October 2012 12:54 EDT (US)     207 / 212       
can't remember author off the top of my head, sorry.
Solzhenitsyn, dammit!

Although I admit I did have to Google for the spelling.
posted 04 December 2012 15:31 EDT (US)     208 / 212       
Among the various research readings I've been doing, I've happened upon Harriet Flower's new(ish) book "Roman Republics." In it, she argues that we're wrong to see the Republic as this monolithic political entity that began with the expulsion of the kings and ended with Augustus. Instead, it's better understood as a series of republics, similar to post-Revolutionary France. It's quite compelling and her framework offers a pretty good way to understand the eventual failure of the last Republic, established by Sulla.

It's also short, which is certainly nice to have.
High King of Britain
posted 28 July 2013 13:29 EDT (US)     209 / 212       

I am currently in the middle of two history books: Britain After Rome, by Robin Fleming (2011, Penguin), which basically tells the story of the Anglo-Saxons - and quite well too; and also The Ascent of Money, by Niall Ferguson (2009, Penguin), which is a history of finance... something I am coming gradually to understand. Both are excellent introductions to their subjects, which I highly recommend.

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posted 23 May 2016 16:33 EDT (US)     210 / 212       
This is not a book but a movie. It is a very good (historical fiction) movie about a general who became a gladiator.

The Gladiator
Terikel Grayhair
(id: Terikel706)
posted 24 May 2016 02:24 EDT (US)     211 / 212       
I thought that a good movie, but about the only historically accurate part of it was that Commodus did indeed follow Marcus Aurelius as emperor, and was deranged.

Gladiators were considered a caste under that of slaves, usually men condemned to the games for various violent infractions. Some were volunteers, to be true, but they sold their ass to the ludus, often to pay their own debts. Few did it for fame. Now, while gladiators were popular anmong the people and looked down upon them as a caste, ex-gladiators were respected and often desired as bodyguards and bouncers. Go figure.

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posted 07 August 2018 18:23 EDT (US)     212 / 212       
Revitalizing this thread after years of silence!

For strictly history, I'm currently rereading The Seleukid Empire of Antiochus III: 223-187 BC by John D. Grainger. Rereading it to maintain my fascination with the Seleucids as I'm writing the last third of my historical fiction novel about Antiochus VII Sidetes.

For fun, I'm reading Emperor: The Death of Kings by Conn Iggulden. It's the second novel in Iggulden's Emperor series and even though he stretches the story from historical fiction to the very edge of historical fantasy (notably making Gaius Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus being childhood friends), he's created a masterful tale that has me completely hooked. I'm looking forward to rereading Iggulden's Genghis Khan focused Conqueror series after I finish reading all of the entries in Emperor.

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