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Barbarian Invasion Discussion
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Topic Subject: The Barbarian Invasion Review Thread - Post Your Review HERE!
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posted 30 September 2005 20:48 EDT (US)   
Hey guys! To avoid flooding the forum with tons and tons of reviews of Barbarian Invasion, I've decided to create this thread for you all to throw your opinions out there. Please don't create threads for your own review - they will be closed.

Also, we'll keep a list of the reviews from major gaming critics here:

IGN's Review.
EuroGamer's Review.
CVG/PCZone's Review.
GamesRadar's Review.

Thanks a bunch, and enjoy!

Note: Threads made before this one will remain open for discussion, but please avoid making new threads for your own reviews. Thanks.

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posted 25 December 2005 02:41 EDT (US)     26 / 42  
Still, more settlements would help relieve the economic crunch some factions, particularly barbarian ones, feel. And in this case, even I say gameplay is more important that historical accuracy.

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posted 29 December 2005 21:02 EDT (US)     27 / 42  
Ahhh, Barbarian Invasion. Though I've only had it for two days, I think I can give a pretty-good review.

Barbarian Invasion is like revisiting M:TW for me, whereas Rome:Total War took out many aspects such as religion, multiple factions put in very small areas which meant expansion meant wars; small factions/big factions; Re-occuring factions in the forms of hordes; and better AI.

In more specific terms, BI returns to some very good ideas. Religion in R:TW was in my opinion, pretty useless, other than an occasional Bonus. Sure, you got extra experience and a little happiness, but then I often found no matter how high my Temples were in City level, cities would still face high squalor and other troublesome problems like revolts and disobedience. But in BI this is addressed through the general populace being religious, and thus more loyal if you are of the same religion. Cities tend to be more loyal, and though taking cities and converting them is sometimes a bit of a hassle, it's well worth it in the end, as you get a very loyal city which you can then tax the maximum limit.

Now, I've heard some complaints of "Not enough provinces". Personally I don't see this as a huge problem, as there are plenty of provinces, just not in the area that they used to be. Germania has tons of provinces now; where there might have been one in R:TW, there are now three. WHile the Roman Territories don't have as many, I find two reasons for such. One, it is easier to manage. Do you really want a whole bunch of provinces capable of revolting, and you having to take them all back? And secondly, a shift in historical power. Back in R:TW, multiple cities on the Roman peninsula were "powerhouse" cities, or otherwise important. But over the years power shifts, and some cities become more powerful than others, and thus may influence them more as subordinating cities rather than rivals. The opposite for Barbarium territories is true also. More cities sprang up over the years, and thusly became more powerful and rivaled others. Thusly, more provinces came up from spliting with other cities that might have once dominated over them when they were struggling villages.

Other aspects. The Hordes are a great idea, but very frightening in some ways. I've noticed that sometimes one horde early on will take out another faction and force it to become a horde, but not take their city, thusly making two hordes to roam around. I've noticed on that same note that hordes take a while to settle. The Vandals seem to take forever to get to Gaul where they usually settle, and on the way they constantly seige cities and then run off, only to do it again. Annoying, but tolerable. Seemingly the best way to take down a horde is to kill the faction leaders and family.

And then there is the AI. Yes, improved indeed. In BI I have actually seen units of my own being routed, which almost never happened in R:TW. The AI is pretty tricky at times, but dealable with, and though it is nice to have improved AI, it really doesn't affect me.

And lastly, the faction layouts and diplomacy with them. I like how there are multiple Germanic Tribes up north all vying with each other, and how random it turns out. One campaign Burgundii are claiming multiple territories, and another it's the Saxons. The WRE and ERE aren't that big of threats, of course. The ERE are always too busy with the Persians and the WRE just falls apart most of the time, losing provinces and just withdrawing to their remaining ones. Smart move, but I haven't seen them strike out to regain ones taken. And is it just me, or do factions in this game seem overly-eager to get ceasefires and Alliances than in R:TW? Truly, one turn I could be at war with them, and by the next we're allies again. Sometimes annoying, but sometimes good when I need them off my back for a while.

Overall, 9.5/10.0 I would have liked to see Loyalty for Barbarian family members too, but sadly, nothing to be had.

And it's great to see Roman armies losing to barbarian AIs.

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posted 07 January 2006 09:09 EDT (US)     28 / 42  
I find myself wondering if I purchased the same game as the rest of you.

For thirty of my hard-earned sterling pounds (that's around sixty dollars for the cousins out there) I get an expansion that's poorly thought out, riddled with bugs, disapointingly short and dumbed down.

The units are quite poor, even cartoonish in places (the Franks look like the soldiers in Settlers 4 in their nice clean blue surcoats, and I won't even mention the day-glo yellow leotards worn by the Sarmation Virgin Cavalry). There are several graphical glitches, like the rolling pin carried by the Roman Heavy Cavalry and the missing leg on the British Comimitensii.

There are far more CTD triggers, seemingly different in each copy of the game. I personally seem to hit a wall when I invade Londinium, but I've heard rumours of several others including a problem with the Sassanids sacking Constantinople.

Oh, and can someone explain what the little twinkly star effect during the battles is intended to achieve?

Some genius has made it far harder for Generals to gain command, which would be fine if the much-vaunted night battles weren't only available to the ones with a high command rating. Similarly, Asassins and Spies seem limited to level three and can't pick up anciliaries.
Worst of all is the length of the loading times. My computer isn't particularly slow and I never had problems with RTW. So why are there delays of up to fifteen minutes (I kid you not) between the battle and campaign maps in BI?

What else... oh, yeah. Which idiot gave the Huns and Vandals a Greek commentator who yells, "This is a victory worthy of a Greek General!" as your hairy barbarian horsemen thunder across the steppes?

All in all, BI is nowhere like as good as Medieval TW's Viking Invasion, and if they don't get a grip and start releasing some patches for it soon, I'm going to lose interest completely.

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posted 12 January 2006 15:57 EDT (US)     29 / 42  
Funny, opinions are like farts in the wind but I'm stunned by the even remotely negative reviews of BI, which is the most engrossing, and addictive program that I have ever had the privilege of getting my hands on... It plays like a completely new game with all of the new units and gameplay alterations. I have been playing it for months now and I've still only tried four of the new factions but I've seen MAJOR differences in each. I love the Vigin Cavalry of the Sarmatians but the Sassanid cataphracts have to be the most sinister looking horsemen I've ever witnessed (love those faceplates !!!
Aside from giving us ALL new units, CA greatly improved the battlefield environments and to be honest, I'm still drooling over the sunrise\sunset affects and of course, the beloved "twinkle star" nights... LOL I'm freakin' nuts over this game and have had the best time in it for countless hundreds upon hundreds of hours! Its all I've been doing for months to the neglect of everything else.
Technically, its a massive improvement over Rome as I have yet to CTD, which admittedly, rarely happened in the first one, but it still did! The AI is a lot better and BI is a hard game as a result, which I love. There was a point in Shogun and Medieval where one could relax and breathe easy, but not here baby! This one is a nail biter from start to finish. BI is the game that my Alienware had been waiting for and its the ony one that I'll ever need. Thanks CA!!! (by the way, I love 1.6 >>> )
posted 22 January 2006 17:50 EDT (US)     30 / 42  
To all who dont know, the Twinkling stars you see around your units seemingly randomly during an engagement is a visual cue that the units the effect surrounds have gained (or lost?)experience.
posted 22 January 2006 17:55 EDT (US)     31 / 42  
I should add that to my FAQ's. Thanks Con.

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posted 28 January 2006 02:15 EDT (US)     32 / 42  
Hi everyone I have a sad story to tell. I need help and I dont think sega cares. It started like any tradgedy I was blessed with Barbarian Invasion(well mabye not any tragedy but mine ... I dont know where I was goin with that). I installed it and had a wonderfull campain as the Vandals. But then the prospect of building a Roman Empire from its very foundations filled me to the cockles, yes even the sub cockles. I raced to insert my RTW cd I squeeled with glee and roman cavalry decimated barbarian and carthaginian alike(mabye not elephants but I thought,"hey man A for efort"). But what fortune had bestowed upon me to the very cockles that were once so gloriously filled. My campain would not load. I sought the refuge of a multiplay game the solace of a freindly ally the triumph over a ignorant tactician, but alas all games read non-compatable. My heart was at a red light right over a giant brick wall. But in all seriousness my game wasnt working, so I tried to fix it the way I fixed it before; uninstallation, manualy checking to see it was completly uninstalled, getting rid of what elements were left. I inserted my cd but the options menu read like the game was installed. I deleated BI ( I actually did that first because Iwas mad at it for messing up RTM) I think there are mabey some elements of Bi still on my computer does anyone have manual uninstallation instructions. Please, im goin crazy Ineed my RTM fix or I'm gona end up invading french club onthe pretext of provincial safety. thanks for reading and helping out.

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posted 28 January 2006 16:11 EDT (US)     33 / 42  
Hi Cochise! My philosophy is that if BI worked once on your system, it will work again but you need to baby it more, in my opinion. When you get it going again, you should play it will all of your startup items disabled in msconfig as one of these probably corrupted your program in the first place (in the form of a crash to desktop or a hostile freeze?). If I were you, I would buy a registry cleaner and completely obliterate any remnants of BI and of course, RTW. Put the latter on and patch it, after making sure that it runs, and then reinstall BI and update to 1.6. Its only logical that it will work once again but, like you intimated, you have to clean the registry and remove whatever corrupt file is pissing in your cheerios...
Also, thanks Conscript Guy for pointing out the experience stars which blink when a unit gains some cojones (which admittedly, confused me for awhile) but I was pointing out the stars on some night maps that actually blink on and off... To me, this is proof that people put some real love into this game! What separates the best from the pedestrian is little touches like this >>> they bring these programs to life!
posted 29 January 2006 13:52 EDT (US)     34 / 42  
@ Vayaspara: 1) What is a registry? 2) How would one go about cleaning a registry?
Thanks in advance,
posted 29 January 2006 15:08 EDT (US)     35 / 42  
Thanks Vayaspara I've been in the registry and I've gotten rid of all the rtm stuff except the "play rtm on gamespy" one and sega the little ... things that they are refuse to respond to my mail( has any one called their pc support line it has one option ONE OPTION, i hate them). Could you tell me where to find a registry cleaner? Thanks again.

ps I think I'm going into withdrawl.

posted 29 January 2006 15:29 EDT (US)     36 / 42  
Hi Unholy Legion! Your registry is a basically a list of everything that you have ever installed on your hard drive. Many items cannot be removed through traditional means such as the Control Program or the program itself and they are left to rot in the registry... If one of these happens to be corrupted, it can prevent one from reinstalling the same program or it can even cascade and screw up other files. I had a copy of Manhunt that would not uninstall without my going into the registry... You never know what can go wrong! I would advise you never to mess with it unless you absolutely have to, like Cochise here.
Cochise, I would download CleanMyPC but you can google registry cleaner and take your pick from a wide selection BUT you might want to do a little research first to be on the safe side. CNET is a good place to start... You know its going to be worth it >>> BI is the greatest game ever!!!
posted 17 March 2007 20:01 EDT (US)     37 / 42  
The only reason I bought the Total Eras box set was to play "Alexander." I did, however, install BI. After an hour of playing custom battles on BI, I was pretty much bored/sick of the game.

I'd have to agree - this game is not an expansion. An "expansion" EXPANDS the game - this game unfortunately removes all of my beloved factions from the original game and replaces them with not-so-exciting factions. Why couldn't they ADD these new Barbarian factions to the pre-existing ones on R:TW? Don't tell me it was done for continuity's sake...Egypt is a faction that doesn't even belong in the original game.

The worst part about this game is that it repeats the mistake of the first game by adding 4 Roman factions on Custom Battles. Two Roman factions are enough on BI. Furthermore, several of the barbarian tribes are almost exact replicas of each other.

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posted 18 March 2007 12:16 EDT (US)     38 / 42  
the campaign mode is righteous....i played every faction but the huns(seemed same as vandals really).. found the barbarians to vary quite a bit. except for the previously mentioned.. many different abilities depending on who you are. Franks are a more civilized type of barbarian who have a roman feel, while the Alemanni would be the traditional no armor type. The Sarmatian have their women fight alongside the men! good stuff. with hordes, triggered factions, and unique victory conditions for each faction that usually involve highly contested parts of the map, guarantees some mass carnage. loyalty is important for roman generals. religion is important in maintaining citys. more retinue type items such as weapons and relics..

dont play multiplayer so cant comment on that..but if you only see BI as just armies for pvp then i can see being dissapointed, because the real meat of this expansion is the campaigns..

there are only two roman factions but when you have revolts as the romans the rebels become essentially a faction, snd a decent one at that..

posted 24 May 2008 05:56 EDT (US)     39 / 42  
I Got Stinked.
I Got Nasty
But Look Mom,
I've Learned..

9/10 For the BI
Night Fights
Sack city

and a big bunch of new gameplay.

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posted 24 May 2008 06:53 EDT (US)     40 / 42  

The expansion does allow night battles, a useful perk for some generals, although other new things such as swimming and religion are either poorly done or merely worsened by a lack of effort.
Historically accuracy is no better than the original Rome: Total War, and the fact that the Celtic chariots still use the Britannia flag when the Celtic races in Ireland and the Picts in Scotland were of completely different backgrounds, and also both as one faction.
The Hunnic appearances are nothing like what they would have been, i.e. Asian features, and the skin colour of almost every unit in the game is white. When playing as the Berbers or Sasannids, this is something that goes against realism.
On the positive, though, the ability to sack settlements and fight/play as hordes as well as watch the rise of Christianity and the fall of the Romans as it would roughly have happened is a brilliant addition.

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posted 02 October 2009 06:50 EDT (US)     41 / 42  
I was quiet disappointed actually.
Seemed a bit budget with the same voices used. Most of the teams seem identical and to me, the only difference is the starting location. Nearly all the teams have the same sort of units.

The barbarian teams didnt seem the same to me as in RTW and seemed more civilized. But thats probably the way it was in real life. It was also quiet sad to see the old roman legionaries go and to see barbarian spearmen in the roman army with their funny bit of hair sticking out on one side.

The religion thing is a good thing though and would to good if you could have that in the original rtw.

posted 22 October 2009 23:50 EDT (US)     42 / 42  
The BI expansion is good. But in my personal opinion, all of the barbarian factions should have been playable.

Britain-Romano should have been playable. The other goth faction should have been playable too.

I don't mind the constant hordes roaming around the land and attacking. I gives the game a twist and action oriented.

The two Roman factions, and as far as they go. The west is weaker and lacks stronger infantry to support it during the first few turns off the game. And to add on to it, rebellion within the city's causes you to fight tooth and nails to get them back, unless the people of that city see's the light and swings your way. Or else its to the sword with everyone within that city.

The east Roman empire, strong. But with rebellion running wild, you have to defend and watch out for the invading faction from the north.

Off all of the barbarian factions, I like the Saxons. Who has strong infantry's. Second Sarmations, third Huns.

The only thing that's a pain is when you uninstall BI, you have to uninstall RTW as well.

Other than that its a good game.

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