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Topic Subject:Best Faction for Crusading using Autoresolve
posted 11 August 2011 15:26 EDT (US)         
I have an interesting question. What is the best Catholic Faction to use:
For going to war with non-Catholic nations
For going on as many crusades as possible
For taking the entire Middle East by turn 100
Note: I use Autoresolve for my battles because I am not good at the Real Time Battles

My ideas were Spain, Portugal because of their being on the Iberian peninsula and near the Moors, Hungary and Poland which can fight Byzantine Empire and the Russians with out getting into trouble with the pope, And Venice and Sicily for being at the center of the Mediterranean.

What do you think of these factions, and are they good for what I propose; or do you have any other Ideas?

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2. Controlled Expansion
3. Keeping Momentum
Awesome Eagle
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posted 12 August 2011 18:25 EDT (US)     1 / 3       
For all your criteria, i would have to say either Venice or Sicily. These factions are centralized and if you start quickly you could have the entire middle east by turn 100. However don't put much store in the crusades.Although they are a good bonus you shouldn't factor them in to your conquest schedule. The crusades are useful for declaring war, training up some generals and to relieve a bit of pressure on the economy for a couple of turns. There is a gamey strategy where, as you are about to end the crusade, make as many armies and leaders join it as possible and then capture the city..This will net your units an experience bonus and give good retinues to your generals..

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posted 13 August 2011 17:50 EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Like awesomated, I would agree that Sicily and Venice are well placed to take the Middle East, however, as well as their location, they also have Italian Spear Militia which are sooo overpowered in autoresolve. In the early campign you shouldn't have to worry about losing a battle, especially as egypt and the Turks both like to use cavalry which adds to the autoresolve bonus your spearmen get.
posted 13 August 2011 19:17 EDT (US)     3 / 3       
As stated Venice and sicily start in the right area.

Unless you wish it in order then, as I think:
Spain or Portugal. HRE or France if you still have a port, but they need their forces to protect their land.
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