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Topic Subject:Hotseat America - Playing as the Apacheans
posted 19 August 2011 16:35 EDT (US)         
In this topic I will explain my moves (not every turn) to give an overview of the tactic of the proud Apacheans tribe.

Please don't read if you are playing in the hotseat.

Turn 1:

The first turn is played in about 2 minutes. I send an warpath to Yamavraw? in the far north east on the map and my army will walk over the 3 (or is it 4?) towns on the way there. The other army will try to conquer Chihuahuahuahua (bless you!) in the south west. Further my diplomat walks towards Joopie (The Tarasca tribe) to hopefully establish peace.

Also I've send an message to the nearest human player. I consider this very important because of the weak position my tribe is in (and probably it will stay weak the following 20 or what so turns). I can only hope that the Tarasca's (from now on just Joopie ) will not also try and conquer to much to the north, because if they do I will not stand a chance.

The Apacheans are very weak and in this campaign so I want to go far with carefull diplomacy and tactical moves, although it will be tricky to achieve even something. So I send an asslicking message to Joopie and hopefully he will charge the Chichiwhat tribe headon and forget about the wealth of the north.

The message:

Let me know if you have any ideas or tips. I have not played the Americas campaign ever, so any help is very welcome.

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M2TW Ladder Leader
posted 23 August 2011 15:46 EDT (US)     1 / 5       
I've not played the Apaches myself - but you might want to look here for a bit of a run through of someone's campaign:,7701,,all

For most Kingdoms games it comes as a surprise quite how well defenders do in auto-resolve siege battles - if you don't outdo them by 2-1 you might find that if you win you do so with quite high casualties. Probably it's less of an issue with the Americas campaign due to having less in the way of walls / towers but just a note.

Good luck with the hotseat and keep up the write-up, I'll read it and I suspect others will too (you're welcome to double post if its to add a new turn's write-up).
posted 27 August 2011 10:37 EDT (US)     2 / 5       
Thanks for the help SwampRat. I've read the campaign and it is for sure some help in this hot desert.

Turn 2:

My army conquers Chihuahua! A clear victory doubles the size of the mighty Apacheans. See the image for more info about the conquest.

The other army is still on warpath and marches east towards Yamavraw and can attack a town in the next turn. An assasin is send on path to kill some rebels to gain some experience and I'm making farms in both my towns now to secure a steady flow of food for my people.

Joopie also told me he accepts my peace treaty (forget to take a screenshot) which is good news because I need time now before I start war with anyone.

Turn 4:

Now, you are thinking: "He forgets number 3!". Well not really, I did not take any screenshots and it was just a short turn with not really anything important in it.

In this turn I conquered two towns! Number 1 is Tongua, in which the odds were only 7:5 for me. I still managed a clear victory though. The other was Caddo Camp, done by my faction leader on his warpath.


My emissary is still on it's way to Joopie (who calls himself now: The people of the west). What a strange name for a tribe that is not really located in the west now I think of it.

I have now 2 scouts and in the next turn 3 and my economy is already blooming. Taxes are set on low to get a population boost and in this way I hope to get a lot of Apacheans and also fighters. Because my army's are not that strong I need to depend on numbers to win.

Turn 5:

The Aztecs and the Maya's have an alliance now. It seems also that they are the strongest human factions at the moment. I got a warning from Joopie that he thinks that they will collectively attack.

So I send a message back to him saying that we should ally and both try to ally with Spain. This will gives us an advantage.

Also got an message from the Maya's:

I told them nothing specifically at all. For sure he wants me not to ally with Spain but that's not going to happen. In the return message I kind of did not talk about the 'foreigners' at all.

I also conquered a village far east on my warpath and I begin to get to the end of the warpath that is really going well.

Three spies are walking around the map and financial I'm doing good.

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M2TW Ladder Leader
posted 06 September 2011 07:32 EDT (US)     3 / 5       
Ahh a sneaky update or few updates there - if noone notices them for a while please feel free to double post rather than restricting yourself to updates. It's generally accepted for AARs and other write-up/story threads since otherwise noone knows you've done your next update.

The message from the Mayans was quite interesting - not entirely aggressive but dismissive with a hint of threat (regarding expansion - I'd read that as a 'if I can't see anywhere better to then I'll take your lands').

Allying with the Spanish seems a sensible move in some way - but it will be a clear stance against the Mayans/Aztecs. Given that you can expect Spain to fight them anyway (I assume) is there much gained from a formal alliance unless you actually hope to attack at similar times as Spain? I guess if there's peace between Spain and the other players then siding with Spain gives you some protection / comfort.

Good luck and keep going with the updates
The Great Monty
(id: Monty501)
posted 06 September 2011 07:42 EDT (US)     4 / 5       
I suggest you send small groups of men into the surrounding countryside to scout the land because of the required exploration that comes with the Americas campaign.

I will fight for Total War Heaven.

Will You?
posted 14 September 2011 09:13 EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Thanks for the help guys. Now I have 4 scouts running around to find out who is doing what. It seems the Aztecs are already expanding into the north. Don't know if I have to do something about it. Probably it is better to keep the friendly relationship with them, because they are much stronger than me.

Turn 9:

Sorry for the lack of updates but the game is going round very fast so I really don't have the time to do a update after every turn.

In turn 6 my financial situation was:

The Aztecs conquer a rebel town to my southeast. See the picture below for more info.

I have offered an trade alliance with the Aztecs and an trade alliance and an alliance with the People of the West. The following turn I know their reactions.

For now my faction leader who has completed the warpath to the north east of the map will stay there and put back an army to attack the French when they arrive. I have also chosen (thanks for your helpfull post SwampRat) to not ally with the Spanish so that hopefully the Aztecs and the Maya's stay friendly.
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