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Empire: Total War (Archived-See Empire: Total War Heaven)

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Topic Subject:Empire: Total War Discussion thread
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posted 22 August 2007 06:13 EDT (US)         
Empire: Total War is marching slowly towards us!

Relevant links:

The official site
Preview article on land combat at Gamespot
Another land combat preview at IGN
Total War Heaven Youtube channel - featuring some trailers


1. Do we have a release date?
The game is currently scheduled to be out in February 2009.

2. How many factions will there be?
There will be 12 playable factions, all playable from the start. Currently confirmed factions are Britain, Prussia, France, Spain, America, Austria, the Dutch Republic and the Ottoman Empire. References to Peter the Great and Charles XII mean that Russia and Sweden are likely candidates as well. A CA developer has said:
We have over 50 factions in the game, and we can't create all of them in the full detail they deserve. Therefore we limit the number of playable factions, but we can't say which ones are playable just yet, simply because we haven't made a final decision. Rest assured though that all major factions (even the non-playable ones) will be represented in high detail.
3. Do we know system requirements? Will the game require Vista?
There are no released system requirements yet, but the game will run with DirectX 9.0, so Vista will not be a minimum requirement for the game. DX10 support is likely but not needed.

4. What period will the game cover?
Empire: Total War will cover the 18th century and the early 19th century.

5. What will the campaign map be?
The latest information suggests that it will include Europe, North and South America, North Africa, Central Asia, India, and Indonesia.

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posted 02 September 2007 02:32 EDT (US)     126 / 254       
This whole settling the wildnerness of North America thing suggests that it might actually be possible to build cities from scratch. In which case, I imagine the newly-founded settlement would be a colony.
HG Alumnus Superbus
posted 02 September 2007 07:53 EDT (US)     127 / 254       
EoJ are you going to take that lying down? My solution, if I had your wise authority, and means of powers you know what I would do? Ban Him. Do it. You know you want to. Come on... your not abusing your powers... he's being abused by them.
That might come under 'misuse of powers'
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If we still had the hall of fame, I'd put that in
This whole settling the wildnerness of North America thing suggests that it might actually be possible to build cities from scratch. In which case, I imagine the newly-founded settlement would be a colony.
Could be very expensive...

And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
posted 02 September 2007 11:54 EDT (US)     128 / 254       
If we still had the hall of fame, I'd put that in
Make a new one
Could be very expensive...
Hasn't stopped anyone yet

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posted 02 September 2007 13:59 EDT (US)     129 / 254       
Just came across a painting slightly similar to an Empires screenshot.Édouard_Manet-Kearsarge-Alabama2.jpg

Know they're pretty different, but you have to wonder...

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John Black
posted 02 September 2007 18:04 EDT (US)     130 / 254       
Ok guys, I'm not sure if this is the right thread, and I'm sure a lot of this is regurgitation, but out of sheer curiosity, I had my Grandma, whose native language is German translate:
This is the information I gleaned:
Ships can be grouped together to execute formations, max 20 ships per fleet (we knew that) The ships will show status of what's going on, like firing, being fired upon, moving, on fire. Battle speed can be sped up. You have the battle balance meter telling you what the odds are. You can select what type of cannonshot to choose from, and this was vague, but the status of the body of ship is separate from that of sails, which is controlled by the winds.
The Sails can be adjusted to go in tune with the winds, or to resist the winds.

Sorry if this is the wrong thread, I thought I might as well post it here.
John Black
posted 03 September 2007 19:28 EDT (US)     131 / 254       
Also guys, there is a new interview going
Here's the link:

From CVG.
blaster fodder
posted 23 September 2007 19:41 EDT (US)     132 / 254       
Any one have screenies of a Land Battle?

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posted 23 September 2007 20:29 EDT (US)     133 / 254       
I believe there may have been early screens of land battles in the Gamestar preview (German gaming magazine), but they were very early builds and may have been concept renders, I'm not sure.
posted 01 October 2007 11:34 EDT (US)     134 / 254       
I have read some stuff about Empire TW in the UK PC Gamer which I posted in my blog in gamespot here:;profile

If you like read it it is too big to post here I think
Lenardius VII
posted 02 October 2007 08:14 EDT (US)     135 / 254       
Haven't been here in yonks.

Empire Total War! Cool! It's time to fight against mother England!

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posted 02 October 2007 11:04 EDT (US)     136 / 254       
This game is gonna rock, it looks very good.

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Gaius Colinius
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posted 04 October 2007 18:54 EDT (US)     137 / 254       
CVG have re-published the PC Zone preview. See here for details.

-Love Gaius
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Marcus Victor
posted 11 October 2007 20:41 EDT (US)     138 / 254       
WOW! I would love this! Although, my NEW laptop (PC replacer etc) won't even play MTW 1 and is really funky with RTW. Due to these issues I've not even bothered trying MTW2 so Empires is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of my reach.

I think my issues may be Vista related, as my MUCH worse XP PC plays both games ok. This really annoys me. Ah well. Maybe by 2008 I will be able to afford a new pc.
posted 16 October 2007 08:05 EDT (US)     139 / 254       
One thing I can say- WOOHOO!
posted 15 November 2007 11:27 EDT (US)     140 / 254       
I'm looking forward to it. I have been in to Rome total war since i saw grate Battles on the history channel. So after that I when out and bought the Game and since then i have been in to all the total war games. The new one looks grate and I cant Wate to play it. It looks grate guys see you all soon.
Uriah Rennie
(id: Theo T)
posted 27 December 2007 21:32 EDT (US)     141 / 254       
Well, I saw this in PCG recently (not this month's, mind), and it's shaping up to be the best TW yet - in my opinion. The naval battles are a godsend - how awful was it, having to quick battle your ships in R:TW?

Anyway, apart from the obvious factor of naval battles, the gridless campaign map is what is intriguing me most of all.

Theo Twitter

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Emperor Augustus
posted 28 December 2007 21:21 EDT (US)     142 / 254       
I almost start drooling every time I read these things...I can't wait for this game.
the spartan pro
posted 29 December 2007 01:13 EDT (US)     143 / 254       
I just hope they would add more provinces...In RTW and M2TW, Europe is too dense, while the Middle East and Africa and practically empty, I dont like that.

That, and I need to buy a new comp.
posted 29 December 2007 01:35 EDT (US)     144 / 254       
Considering most of what they show of Africa is desert, that doesn't need too much more, but I agree about the Middle East. Hopefully they'll raise the province limit from 200 to 300, maybe 400.

Veni, Vidi, well... you know.

Extended Cultures, A modification of RTW.

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posted 17 January 2008 15:39 EDT (US)     145 / 254       
Empire total war, Grtae I cnat wate to play. May be Ireland becomes a super power after all lol.
John Black
posted 17 January 2008 19:02 EDT (US)     146 / 254       
I don't know if people are illiterate, or only capable of writing their own hopes and not reading around, but there will be a no tile campaign, which *can* mean that there WON'T be PROVINCES, but cities--CA has suggested you can even build cities/colonies in the New World. So, we don't know if provinces are even coming back right now, which means wishing for it is useless.
Emperor Augustus
posted 17 January 2008 19:14 EDT (US)     147 / 254       
Well lets hope we can have more cities then
posted 17 January 2008 20:56 EDT (US)     148 / 254       
Well, excuse me if I don't understand the full implications of "no tiles", right off the bat. I didn't think no tiles would mean no provinces, and as you said it only means, "can", not "will".

A well done no-province system, would be awesome, but if there are provinces, my statement stands.

Veni, Vidi, well... you know.

Extended Cultures, A modification of RTW.

Si hoc legere posses, Latinam linguam scis.
ɪf ju kn ɹid ɪs, ju noʊ liŋgwɪstɪks.
John Black
posted 20 January 2008 09:58 EDT (US)     149 / 254       
Yes, but people keep harping on it, and yes I full heartedly agree, but I think we can move on with the discussion instead of dwelling on it for the last 5 pages.

but yes, you're right.
(id: Robert_Squared)
posted 25 January 2008 15:05 EDT (US)     150 / 254       
There's a new FAQ out. It's on
Navel Warfare
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