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Amazon: Total War

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Topic Subject:Download and Installation of Amazon: Total War
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posted 04 September 2008 21:31 EDT (US)         
Amazon Total War is a conversion for Rome Total war version 1.5 or Barbarian Invasion version 1.6. It uses the mod:switch option, so it will not interfere with any of your original game files. Be sure you apply it to a clean install of RTW, as you may experience ctd's when entering battles if not. Look here to see how to install multiple copies of the game.

Download Options

There are two separate copies of Amazon Total War. One for use with the Rome Total War executable, and the other for use with the Barbarian Invasion executable. You can find both here in RTWH's Downloads Section:

Amazon Total War 2.4 Beta For BI - Full Version

Amazon Total War 2.4 Beta For Rome Total War - Full Version

Saves from RTW 2.3 may be compatible with 2.4.
Saves from BI 2.3 are not compatible with 2.4.

Installation Instructions

Unzip the file you download to your base Rome Total War folder (i.e. the one with RomeTW.exe in it). When you are done you should see the folder "amazon" alongside your data, logs, Miles, preferences, saves, and other folders. Like so:


Now create a new shortcut for Amazon Total War.

For more information on editing the Command Line of Rome Total War look here.

If you have downloaded the RTW version, then go to your RomeTW.exe file and right-click on it.

If you have downloaded the Barbarian Invasion version, then go to your RomeTW-BI.exe file and right click on it.

An options box will pop up.

Move your mouse down to "Send To". Another box will pop up along side the first one.

Move your mouse over to "Desktop (Create Shortcut)", and click on it with your left mouse button.

Now go to your Desktop and you will see the new shortcut there, named "Shortcut to RomeTW.exe"

Right-click on the new shortcut, and a box will pop up.

Click on Properties in this box.

A new window will open up, with three tabs across the top. If the Shortcut tab was not already selected, click on it.

Click in very right end of the box named Target.

Now add in a space and then the following text: -mod:amazon -show_err

So your Target box should look something like: "C:\Program Files\Rome Total War\RomeTW.exe" -mod:amazon -show_err

Now click on Apply.

To rename it something more descriptive click on the General tab.

There will be a field at the very top of the window. Type in: Amazon Total War.

Now click on Ok. You are done.

Optional: I have included several desktop shortcuts which you may wish to use. While you still have the Shortcut Properties window open, click on the Shortcut tab, then click on the Change Icon button at the bottom of that window. A Change Icon window will appear. Click on the browse button to navigate to your RTW\amazon folder. You will find several.ico files there. Select the you would like by double-clicking on it. Then back at the Change Icon window click on Ok. Then finally click on OK again to close the Shortcut Properties window.

* * * * *

Edit from Edorix: the latest version of Amazon: Total War, version 3.0c, can be found here. It is compatible with Barbarian Invasion only. The most up to date information on Amazon: Total War is to be found here, however SubRosa herself seems to have disappeared...

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posted 30 December 2008 14:24 EDT (US)     51 / 69       
great update!
posted 30 December 2008 14:27 EDT (US)     52 / 69       
Sounds like there was a problem with your download. Delete your amazon folder, download it again, and then try installing it once more. You can also try downloading it from ModDB.
Titus Labienus
posted 15 April 2009 10:39 EDT (US)     53 / 69       
When I click on the desktop shortcut to sstart it it gives a message that says "this application failed to start because MSS32.DLL was not foiund. Re-installing the application may fix this problem. Anyone else experienvcing this and wht do you do aboput it? thanks Lab
Seraph Emeritus
posted 15 April 2009 12:57 EDT (US)     54 / 69       
I've had that problem once or twice with normal RTW. Re-installing is indeed the solution.

Tittus Labienus
posted 05 May 2009 20:10 EDT (US)     55 / 69       
I'm tryin g to install it on a new hard drive but it got bollixed somehgow. When I clk oon Imperial Campaign it says to sel;ect another item from the list, then when it closes out I get the error message
"Script Error in amazon/data/world/maps/imperial_campaiogn/descr_strat.text at line 28 coloumn 1 Imperial start date of campaign or battle"
What the heck is this anbd can it be fixed?
Also, I tryed it with BI and it says "failed to initialize 3d audio then quits. Someone please help!
BTW, Subrosa, can you shoot me an email sometime? For some reason my address book didn't make the transition to the new machine and I lost all my addys. Thanks


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Tittus Labienus
posted 27 July 2009 16:29 EDT (US)     56 / 69       
There is now a 2.5 version for RTW and BI including one Amazon horde faction available to dl at

matt will
posted 27 July 2009 18:54 EDT (US)     57 / 69       
That's been released for months now. 2.6 should be out soon and it will contain a new Amazon faction and an Indie-Celts faction!

My Gondor hotseat campaign. Please Help!

Under the White Tree A Gondor short story on the fall of Minas Tirith.
posted 20 June 2010 17:05 EDT (US)     58 / 69       
Um excuse, me, both of the downloads seem to be for RTW BI. Also what happened to the romano brittish?
High King of Britain
posted 21 June 2010 11:57 EDT (US)     59 / 69       
That's because one of the moderators has been along since SubRosa abandoned us and didn't alter the links correctly... Also, the Rome version is no longer supported. SubRosa found it was too much work to be copying everything out twice and altering it to suit Rome, and switched to just BI instead. The most recent versions of the mod are not compatible with just Rome.

The most up-to-date information on the mod can be found here. Unfortunately the mod creator has vanished, so you'll be a bit stuck for technical support.

Amazon TW is set in 270 BC like Rome, not BI, so unfortunately, no Romano-British.

Welcome to Total War Heaven, by the way.

~ ancient briton ~

/|||| ||||\

*tegos, -esos, noun, neuter. house.
Tittus Labienus
posted 21 June 2010 18:23 EDT (US)     60 / 69       
Welcome to RTW Heaven Rydissac. There will be no tech support from the creator of ATW in the near future. She's burned out on the game and hasn't responded to my most recent emails to her. If you install the most recent BI version that Edorix recommended it should turn out ok. It's pretty stable, although I've had some ctds when you get around the year 200. SubRosa is prone towards HAs so there are a lot of HA civs in the game.


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posted 21 June 2010 21:00 EDT (US)     61 / 69       
Thank you for the welcome. its sad the creator of this mod has gone missing off the site. I do extremely enjoy and amazon mod. I had just found it a bit confusing at first because it looked so much like the RTW. The work put into it is simply amazing.
posted 14 October 2011 08:14 EDT (US)     62 / 69       
OK, I can't make a shot cut, What do I do.
posted 17 October 2011 15:50 EDT (US)     63 / 69       
Are you using Steam game engine or regular RTW Gold Pack ?
posted 28 February 2013 11:12 EDT (US)     64 / 69       
When I try to unzip the amazon file to my rtw folder 7zip gives me a 3857 errors about how it cannot open any of the files in the amazon folder once it has transported them to my rtw folder, and stops the unzipping process at 99%. How should I deal with these errors? Thanks for the help.
Terikel Grayhair
(id: Terikel706)
posted 28 February 2013 12:20 EDT (US)     65 / 69       
It may be the download is corrupted in transit.

Try downloading again and see if the same errors result.

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posted 01 March 2013 12:43 EDT (US)     66 / 69       
I think TG is right, if you have the MD5 hash checksum, you might want to compare the checksum against your download file.

To see if it is a match.

You can also try downloading at these other locations...

posted 04 March 2013 11:20 EDT (US)     67 / 69       
The problem is fixed. It was just that my programs file was protected. I found a way to manually move the files to get around it. Thanks for the help!
posted 05 March 2013 14:12 EDT (US)     68 / 69       
Glad you resolved the problem, have fun with the mod!
posted 07 September 2014 04:39 EDT (US)     69 / 69       
hey SubRosa, could you please post a video on youtube how to install ATW? i'm not very good at english so i don't really understand the instructions how to install ATW. so could you please post a video so i know how to do this? thanks!

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