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Amazon: Total War

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Total War Heaven » Forums » Amazon: Total War » New Amazon Mod, more based on Archeology
Topic Subject:New Amazon Mod, more based on Archeology
posted 24 May 2011 13:22 EDT (US)         
Hi, Folks,

I have been working on an Amazon mod based on archaeological evidence rather than history or fantasy.

The mod has been started at about the same time Amazon TW 2.0 was released. This has been an independent effort on my part.

Currently, it contains some nudity (upper torso only), but I am also in the process of creating a version which is more politically correct.

I have seen how the Atari Witcher game got published, and they only request that the user signed an online form stating that they are 18 or older. This particular game has sexual inuendo to the max. With the object of each chapter for the player to mate with a woman.

By comparison, the units I have created only try to reflect what I view as archeological correctness.

I am not sure if I should publish both versions or one or the other. So I would need some feedback as how to proceed.

Also, although I have modded before, I have never published a release. So all the helps are appreciated.

The mod is close to completion but I don't even know what is the best way to upload pictures. Grayhair has requested screen shots, but just the same, I have no idea how to send the snapshots in batch.

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posted 08 June 2011 12:46 EDT (US)     1 / 7       
maybe edorix can help you? I am looking forward to play your mod. can hardly wait to lay my hands on this.
posted 08 June 2011 13:07 EDT (US)     2 / 7       
To show screenshots...

I guess you know how to actually take them? Just press print page or whatever, or use Fraps, then upload them to an image-sharing site, like Photobucket, then once you have uploaded them each picture will have a code used for links. Just copy and paste them onto a post and that should be enough.

Sounds pretty good
posted 13 June 2011 12:20 EDT (US)     3 / 7       
Thanks, Liam,

Yes, I do know how to get screenshots and upload them to a public domain location such as the photobucket.

I thought that I can upload them directly to locations, any ideas ?

Also because of the content of nudity, I need to get some clearance from Edorix and Grayhair. and I don't know how to send them pictures privately.

I also need the blessing of previous ATW folks and to let me know whether this mod should be a separate version of the ATW, or a continuation of current one. Ares is doing a great job, but I thought my mods can enhance the current release with some improvement.

For example, in this mod under development, the Amazon factions has four times more units variation compared to some in the 2.0 release.

where possible, I tried to use 512pixel wide tga files, instead of 256pixel wide like the original.

I also maximize the use of one model battle slot, to create as many unit variation as possible, for example, the amazon demi-lancer unit are different in appearance and have different faces.

The Noble Maidens are used by many factions, but each with different armors and faces.

I also have about 300 generals pictures for the Amazon factions. The agents except the diplomats, are all females for the Amazon factions.

Once I have the clear go-ahead, I also need to know how to upload the zip file to this site.

Looking forward to hear some feedback and assistance.

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High King of Britain
posted 24 June 2011 15:21 EDT (US)     4 / 7       
Greetings ParthianShot!


I really like those screenshots. From what I know of the archaeology of the Steppes in the Iron Age (which is precious little), those units do look remarkably historically accurate. Your aim, also, to create historically accurate Amazons, is admirable [...]

You raised two main points in your forum post:

1: Nudity.
The forum Code of Conduct prohibits the sharing of material that could be construed as pornographic; however, it would be perverse to suggest in a forum dedicated to a historical game that nudity for the sake of historical accuracy must go into that category. I would say, and I know Terikel Grayhair shares this view, that naked female torso in the interests of historical accuracy is perfectly acceptable. However, to play safe, I would advise against posting screenshots directly: better to post a link with a warning.

2: Hosting screenshots on HeavenGames
Rome Total War Heaven does have an image gallery, of which most of the contents are user-submitted: however, only moderators can upload new images. Most forumers thus prefer to use external image-hosting sites such as photobucket or imageshack, however I will be more than happy to create an album for your screenshots if you wish and keep it updated.

You also asked how to upload files for download. This is the place: It is accessible from the RTWH homepage; click on the Downloads link under the site banner, and then the Submit File button.



~ Edorix

~ ancient briton ~

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*tegos, -esos, noun, neuter. house.
posted 24 June 2011 18:37 EDT (US)     5 / 7       
lol, IIRC in europa barbarorum there was a real naked fanatic unit. But during install you could choose the censored version. Those were naked men, I'd personally prefer female

edit- Or was it roma surrectum, at least I saw one naked fanatic in the carthaginian preview of roma surrectum 2?

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High King of Britain
posted 25 June 2011 08:59 EDT (US)     6 / 7       
Precisely; it's perfectly acceptable at RTWH (not HG-wide, please note) for historical purposes. I would say the "naked female Indian archers" in the Alexander expansion that were so carefully publicised would qualify more as pornographic material because they were designed that way deliberately for sex appeal - and we can hardly ban screenshots of a unit in the game we are dedicated to, can we? Technically they weren't actually fully naked, but my point still stands. So long as they're sign-posted and not sprung on people when they follow the link, there is no problem.

~ ancient briton ~

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*tegos, -esos, noun, neuter. house.
Terikel Grayhair
(id: Terikel706)
posted 27 June 2011 09:41 EDT (US)     7 / 7       
For articles and modpacks, we create an album on our server.

For threads and the like, the forummer provides his own hosting (Photobucket, Image Shack, etc).

Images are to be emailed to mods (my email is proudly displayed in my profile) who will upload them for you, after sizing them to display on our pages, of course.

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