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Topic Subject:Amazon Total War 6.0C Release
posted 10 December 2011 07:22 EDT (US)         
Amazon Total War 6.0c Relase is now ready for download


Once again, this mod contains female nudity in the depiction of ancient conflicts, so if there is any reason the law of your locality prohibits you from viewing such content (for example, if you are under the age of 18 in most areas), please do not access the download.

By either downloading or installing this mod's zip file, the user who performed the download/installation acknowledges that he (or she) is legal to view such content and he or she is solely responsible for the use as well as the consequences of the use of this mod.

You can download 6.0c release over here:

We are finally getting out of our beta cycle. But it doesnot mean we are bug free. So please feel free to report any issue.

Also please remember to restore the sound volume and set the proper enable/disable music option, otherwise the game would have no sound which is our standard test environment.

Changes in 6.0C
- emergency fix for Armenian Amazon Units
- adjusted Armenian Quests, so Sarmatian won't get the bonus Armenian supposed to get.
- wild animal icon by the shore of Sidon has been relocated to the beach.
- expanding unit info
- more RSII based load screens
- more text added.
- adjusted RSII battlefield map
- new stronger Armenian starting position
- new Armenian Armored Cavalry
- Amazonia General Unit adjustment
- corrected Armenian Temple Tree
- corrected EDU to allow Armenian to recruit Geothe Noble Maiden
- Enabled Testudo for Amazon Gladiatus Cohorts

New Features for 6.0B are

- RSII Battlefield map, combined with many 512x512 skins, the mod looks like a MTW2 project instead of RTW/BI project.
- New Armenian Armored Amazon Gladiatus Legion Cohort.
- New Amazon Gladiatus Cohort for Amazon Factions.
- New Amazon Foot Companion, Amazon Round Shield Cavalry skins.
- New Amazon Chariot cards, skin, according to the BUM principle.
- New Amazon General Units skin.
- New unit defense parameter for Foot Companion, Round Shield Cavalry.
- new Amazonia game start configuration.
- new Amazonia quest configuration
- Armenia Quests and Armenian Amazon units.
- new weapon type called the "pole-sling" has been added.
- New Incendiary Amazon Trireme and Bireme naval units available for factions who have fulfilled their quests.
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