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Topic Subject:Amazon: Total War 8.0 Release
posted 11 August 2013 21:11 EDT (US)         
Amazons: Total War Ranked Among MOD-DB's Top 10 Titles
As of May 27th, 2013, Amazons:Total War 8.0A has been released

Amazons Total War 8.0 allows the player to explore many modern military concepts on the battlefields of antiquity, such as
Mobility and Stand-off Weapon capability using various women cavalry units.
Deploying Area Denial "minefield" on the battlefield using field engineers. A first on RTW mod.
Wagon fighting units with battle tactics not unlike German Panzer in WWII.
Guerrilla Warfare, allowing agent to infiltrate into enemy territory to raise army deep behind the enemy line.
Long Range Mobile Artillery, allowing artillery barrage, fire-support, and counter-battery.
Linked Armor-Clad Cavalry, a dominating cavalry formation for centuries in Eurasia, never before depicted by any video game.
Terrifying Super-heating Incendiary Weapons, in modern day military parlance known as the thermite munition.

Other Highlights of 8.0 Series

Player programmable mode switch
Newly extended campaign map, now from British Isle to Afganistan.
Far Eastern Celt faction:
based on latest archaeological finding and anthropological theories. first time in any video game.
New war machines based on historical and anthropological findings.
New weapons.
Lush scenery and breathtaking landscape using faster custom RS II battle environment.
Quest based game play
Balanced Unit Modeling (or. B.U.M.):
unit's recruitment location/cost, vs. unit's appearance/capability must have direct relationship.
Resource driven army building.

Access the link below for download
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