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Total War Heaven » Forums » Website Comments & Announcements » Promotions all round (and a happy Christmas to you all)
Topic Subject:Promotions all round (and a happy Christmas to you all)
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Gaius Colinius
Seraph Emeritus
posted 25 December 2008 08:02 EDT (US)         
As the more observant of you may have noticed, there are a few more coloured names on our forum this morning, a nice Christmas present if you will.

Firstly, congratulations to Hussarknight who has been promoted to angel status for his sterling work on the RTW side of TWH. He's an able modder and has been of great assistance to people looking to start modding both with his modding tutorials and his practical help for people starting out who need help. He has also been methodically filling in gaps in our RTW strategy guides. As well as all that, Hussarknight has been very active in our ETW forum and also with helping us to prepare the upcoming Empire: Total War Heaven.

We also have two new cherubs.
Terikel is joining us to help out with RTW coverage and will be working with Hussarknight to ensure that our RTW coverage is as good as it can possibly be. He will also be looking after the War Stories forum.
Andalus will be helping out with our modification forums. He'll be quite familiar with them as he is the creator of the excellent Additional Unit Pack. Andalus will also be looking after our downloads section.

Happy Christmas to all at HG from the staff at Total War Heaven. Roll on Empire: Total War.

-Love Gaius
TWH Seraph, TWH Grand Zinquisitor & Crazy Gaius the Banstick Kid

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posted 27 December 2008 10:58 EDT (US)     26 / 29       
Off topic post removed.

Ventory, if you spam or talk back to a mod again, you will have action taken on your account. This is your unofficial warning.

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posted 27 December 2008 12:20 EDT (US)     27 / 29       

Well now you are

And please stop typing in block capitals as well, it makes your posts less coherent and more painful to read.

(o o)

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posted 27 December 2008 15:22 EDT (US)     28 / 29       
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Anybody else disrupting this thread will get the same treatment.

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(id: Marcus Orentius)
posted 03 January 2009 14:01 EDT (US)     29 / 29       
Well done guys!

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