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Scipii Heroic Victory

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Number of Players: 2
# of Denarii: 5000
A Scipii general leading a small group of legionaires faces a much larger Egyptian force, but routes the enemy and achieves a heroic victory!

Hills, summer, midday, light fog, 5000 denarii. Romans take advantage of terrain, use testudo formation, and demonstate their superior skills and morale.
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Gaius Julius Not bad, I love the Romans, and you used them well, well done!
Alexander2nd As a person who plays Rome: Total War regularly, I must say this is not a Heroic Victory at all. The stupid idiot gets his army cornered on the map, gets his general killed because of his tactical foolishness and he defeats most of the army only relying on his archers.

In my first point, I must say. This person does not even know how to command at all. He was always making up useless strategies against the Egyption army and the Egyptions got nailed just becuase it was run by a computer. I assure you, if it was a real player this guy was facing, he would have gotten raped a long time ago.

The Computer did not even show agression in the areas of its infantry and cavalry. Clearly this battle was fought against a very easy army. A Rome player should know, that it is 'suicide' sending cavalry charging into a phalanx from the front. In some cases, the charge can break up the phalax a little but as you saw, the Scipii General's cavarly gets totally raped. With the scipii first legionary cohort, they were used imporperly because even if you are in fighting, if you tell them to flank the opposition, half the group will stay fighting half the time and the other half will get out of combat and try flanking. This is exactly what happens in battle if you just make your infantry just fight face on. It is obvious that they will get beaten.

Please. the person who uploaded this replay, next time, learn how to play before putting another replay up. Becuase I can do better than you and i have only played for about 3 weeks.

My single greatest victory was in a campaign map so unfortunately i was unable to save a relplay,but my victory was against the Carthagenians, and I tried taking carthage. I was the brutii (the best) with about 700 men. I fought the Carthagenian army of 1700 men and i defeated them but I had about 400 men left. The difficuly was on Hard. As you can see, other people are better than you buddy so watch other replays and then come up with a descent win. not some trash that u call a heroic scipiian victory.
File Author
2 Alexander2nd:

As a person who play RTW regularly, you should have realized a few things before jumping to conclusions.

1. Replays are not 100% accurate and often do not show things exactly as they happened in the game.
2. The game was played against a live opponent over GameSpy. The Egyptian player chose to use a lot of low-quality, cheap troops, relying entirely on numeric superiority. Vanilla units' morale is pretty low, so the result was that they were easily routed by the Romans.
3. If you think a position up on a hill on the map's edge, where you take less damage from both arrow fire and charging attackers and cannot be outflanked is bad, you have a lot to learn.
4. The reason the Egyptian player did not show aggression is because he expected that the Romans would come to him.
5. The Roman general's 'suicide', as you called it, was just a way to provoke the Egyptians into attacking.
6. This replay has nothing to do with your 'best' achievement. It's pretty easy to see that you're just another troll who likes to go around and insult others, as if it could make you look good. Get lost, loser.

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