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Number of Players: 1
Player 1's Name: Me
# of Denarii: 100,000
I hope you enjoy this. I would like to see your comments on it.
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tehdaimyo I really shouldnt be commenting on this because i have no knowledge on the battle of Canae but im going to go ahead and give you my opinon anyway. I think that for carthage to survive as long as they did and 5hat too when they were so grossly outnumbered, it would have required some very innnovative tactics. However there was none of that in the replay:/. As far as i could tell they survived onyl because the roman armies were set to comp(easy or medium?). You should have maybe put them on even terms and then gained the advantage by clever thinking.

Im sorry but despite the fact that i love the idea of simulating historical battles, i must say that that was terribly boring:?. :(.

P.S: 30 spearmen holding off 300 urban cohort was very entertaining and reminded me of the sparta vs persia battle:P.lol.

[Edited on 01/11/05 @ 07:58 AM]

kerrigor yes but the spartans had only 200 v. 500,000
not 30 v. 300
File Author
I will take your constructive criticism into consideration and try to make a more realistic esample of the battle of Canae. I thank you for your patience, and I hope I can meet your expectations- and perhaps break through them.
tehdaimyo Woah thnx friendly indian:D. Btw are you from india:O?
The_Ferret Great but of course the fact that you just relied on no military tactics made it like watching the scene outside troys gates in the film. (minus chariots.)

Extremly funny considering the outcome against all the odds.

only fault- Lacked military finesse
Mercy of Ball This battle I'm sorry to say, is a real crap-ola! and boring all the way. No presence of any historical accuracy whatsoever, not to mention the lack of military strategy finesse.You did it like an amater, sorry no offense.
When I saw this download I was hoping to see say at least decent simulation of battle of Cannae. But you my friend got it all wrong. When I watched it I was really dissapointed.Carhaginans were surrounded on all sides and slaughtered, Hannibal got himself killed, you didn't put in Lybians, Spanish Scutari, Balearic Slingers, skirmishers, Gauls, Carthaginian and Spanish cavalry which were all important part of his army.Nothing!And what's up with the Arabian cavalry? You might put Parthians, Germans, Amazons and Scythians as well!For me personally it is real awfull to see Romans in purple(S.P.Q.R) they look ridiculous like some clowns. Same thing with "Scipii" and "Brutii".Only genuine Roman apperance make the Julii(because of their colours), and I think you should digg up more battle information before you make it happen and try to work more on your tactics as well. Maybe a better (and bit harder) way for making historical battles is Battle editor and reskining all existing historical batlles and puting new maps and changing factions and different units in " batlle" documents.(Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data\world\maps\battle\custom) Hannibal was a military genius and made a double encirclement of huge Roman army.He made it happen in real life and idiots like us can't even make it in simple game simulation. Conclusion: Maybe you should try some other battle. Cannae is to diffucult to make even for the experienced players.P.S. You suck!

[Edited on 05/08/07 @ 11:35 PM]

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