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Rome: Total Realism v5.4

Author File Description
KoR_Wraith ===========================
Installation Instructions

1) Before you run this patch, please make sure you have a properly installed copy of Rome: Total Realism 5.3 on your computer.

2) Run this patch, press install, play.


Pantheons of Jupiter and Pantheions of Athena now give the correct bonuses.

Roman First Cohorts can now be recruited anywhere after the Marian reforms, as is more historically correct.

Harmozeia can now build ports.

Balanced hoplite combat: levied hoplites, hoplites, armored hoplites, early greek general, corinthian hoplites, athenian hoplites, spartan hoplites should be the order of combat prowess
Hypaspists phalanx formation removed, now triarii-esque infantry
Early Roman generals' spacing has been corrected.

Numidian generals and Spartan hoplites now have 2 HP, as they should.

Sword-Armed Hillmen have been removed from the campaign

Fixed some mixed up unit cards and info images

Fixed Corinthian Hoplite skin, unit card and info image

General upgrades should now work.

The description for the Very Lively trait was displaying incorrectly.

Greek generals now no longer have the phalanx ability, they function as infantry.

All generals can now be used in custom battles.

Added unit icons, info images and skins for said generals

Bug where Macedonian Mercenaries disappeared has been fixed.

Roman family tree has been diversified.

Iuvavum now has a northbound road.

Aquileia can now build ports.

Deprecated cohorts now no longer show up in custom battles.

First Cohorts are now recruitable in any city at all barracks levels, as intended.

Renamed a number of legionary units - removed the phrase "Cohort" from most of them since they are not technically cohorts.

Renamed a number of generals.

Vicus Cimbri will be able to build a port.

First Cohorts will be reduced in size to match other cohorts. Cost and upkeep will be adjusted accordingly.

Seleucid and Ptolemaic legionaries will have their armor reduced to bring them into line with their Roman counterparts, but the Roman cohorts may get an armor boost. Cost and upkeep will be adjusted accordingly.

An updated campaign descriptions file will be included, proofread and with all references to the Roman families removed.

Horde formation will be removed.

Added New Ptolemaic Agema Skin

Added New Libyan Spearmen Skin to replace Duplicate skin in RTW vanilla

Moved Roman Late Legionaries from Tier 4 to Tier 5 - should be built later in the game now.

The names of the battle difficulty settings will be changed to reflect the difficulty bug .

Updated Historic Battles to 5.x standard - there still may be issues with some battles (Adrianople)

Greek General's Bodyguard are now harder to kill

Moved a lot of ports, or if no port was avalible in a costal province, added it

A lot of minor fixes and tweaks
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Rykno i cant play the historical battles why?
mginge51 same here i cant play historical battles either.
File Author
Um, guys, its a mod that changes units. That means when u try and do some historic battles, the computer looks for units that no longer exist and crashes...thats one of the bad things about unit-changing mods :(

[Edited on 03/18/05 @ 11:17 AM]

Rykno hmm it is not all historical battles... besides the mod have historical battles included
HERC Sorry to bother you but you wrote:
) Before you run this patch, please make sure you have a properly installed copy of Rome: Total Realism 5.3 on your computer.

TR5.3 says to install 5.2, 5.2 says to install 5.whatever. Do we need to have all MODS installed in order before installing 5.4?

NAFPAKTIUS II Great mod. Installed it last night and needless to say I'm falling a sleep at work. Up all night. Great new units ( Ptolemaic ). Keep up the good work.
File Author
Yes, u do need to have the other mods first...that is why it says it u know.
snchobo i have a problem with the graphics. From the 5.2 realism mod to this one (5.4) it seems that the units look like they are on "Low" detail. I checked the "unit detail" section and it was on high but the units still look like they are on "Low" detail setting. im sorry if this is a noob question but i am a noob. I just got this game.
NAFPAKTIUS II I've blockaded all of the Macedonian ports but they still seem to be building boats. Is this a bug? I thought that when a port is blockaded the city cannot build any units.
snchobo they can still build boats. But sea trade to the blockaded port stops and decreases their income.
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