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Balacing with unit sizes Version 2

Author File Description
ali_hurricane Hi, This is my new little mod what does quite a few things.

1.Changes all unit sizes to 240 (makes seige weapons have 6 of the the actuall engine instead of 2, so if you had one unit of onagers. It will have around 100 men using it and 6 actual onagers. It makes it more worth having seige equipment.

2.To balance it out a little, ive made the unit costs and upkeep of all units on the campaign map to zero and thier consruction time to zero to, because it proved very hard to get the population high enough to even create all the men never mind paying for the soilders you make affter, (this really helps the income, so you can have more fun fighting battles.)

3.It adds some of the units What you can't recruit without cheating (yubsteb elephants)
and it makes them mercs in the game.

4.Buildings take 1 turn to create.

5.To make the game more realistic, all missle troops have +10 attacks because i noticed that peasents were surviving missle attacks (without a shield) which is VERY unlikley.

6. In the event of superior missle troops agaist you. Ive added the "testudo" formation to other infrantry (the testudo formation is not used much anyway).

7. New technology tree. This new Tech tree allows you to create units earlier. For example if you was parthia at 270 BC you would be able to build cataphrats or War elephants ect.

8. Population growth increased. (To keep up with all the men being made every turn.)

The AI act VERY diffrently. Like in my game at the moment, in 260 BC i had spain invading Italy (seiging Rome). This newer version of the campaign is quite harder to beat as well, because the enemy armies have many soilders in them. (1-4800)

extract the txt files to;
C:Program Files/Activision/Rome - Total War/Data
and overwrite the older version of the txt file.



Please only download this if you think your computer can handle it.

The older version of balancing unit sizes will be overwrited by this new version.

You do not need the older version to install this one.

Any bugs? Any suggestions? Any problems?

E-mail me at altheman9993@yahoo.com

Or leave a comment.
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File Author
Sorry, i uploaded the wrong file (a beta version of what i was doing)

But ive uploaded the new file.

:) ali_hurricane
veteran_gamer Worked just fine for about 25 turns, then when it cycles AI turns it always crashed right before rebel faction, so i replaced the descr_buildings thing back to normal and it worked, other than that its pretty cool to see how the factions act now, much more different
File Author
Im this second trying to fix that, it's because your just about to build a imperial palace it's happening on mine to, but im pretty sure ive got it to work now.
veteran_gamer i actually only have a level 2 settlement at the moment (12,000), it also crashes with the other build mods, just thought id let you know, i have this game installed on a very low end pc and unit sizes set to small, it can go thruout the whole game with no problems, for some reason when unit sizes are set at huge this crash happens, anyway good luck and thx
File Author
hmmmmmmmm, i'll have a look, but ive been trying to fix the building issue as well.

On my game thiers nothing wrong with the unit sizes like ive tested them all out, they all worked.

But i will have a look though.

File Author
What about the other Roman factions? if theve got large cities what are just about to go to a huge city it will crash to.
veteran_gamer hey buddy, ive been doing tons of experimenting/asking around, it seems that just about everyone who uses build mods with 1.2 is having the same problem. to further make sure that was it, i reinstalled and used a build mod with retail 1.0, played from 270bc until 15 ad with no problem! so *something* in the patch is causing this, i dont this doesnt help much, but ill post anything i hear for you
File Author
I have actually fixed it now ;) (i think)

It's the slave faction, they kept on making diplomats which locks the game up, so i disabled them from building recreuiting, or growing thier populations any further by making the treasurey -100000000000000000000000

:D :D :D :D

Im bringing it out in a sec (nothings new though,)

[Edited on 03/20/05 @ 07:46 AM]

benty2k1 has the new file been uploaded now then?
File Author
Yah, thiers a new one out now.
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